Monday 24 August 2020

A Dark and Twisted Tide by Sharon J Bolton

A Dark and Twisted Tide (Lacey Flint #4)A Dark and Twisted Tide by Sharon J. Bolton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 4 days

Pages - 448

Publisher - Bantam Press

Source - I think a pal sent me it

Blurb from Goodreads

Young policewoman Lacey Flint knows that the Thames is a dangerous place – after all, she lives on it and works on it – but she’s always been lucky. Until one day, when she finds a body floating in the water. Who was this woman and why was she wrapped so carefully in white burial cloths before being hidden in the fast-flowing depths?

DCI Dana Tulloch hates to admit it, but she’s fond of the mysterious Lacey. Even if she keeps on interfering in her investigations, and is meddling with the latest floater case. But now she's got to break some terrible news to her - news that could destroy Lacey's fragile state of mind.

And Lacey will need to keep her wits about her because there's a killer that's lurking around her boat, leaving her gifts she'd rather not receive . . .

My Review

So this is no.4 and I don't think I have read them all (I checked I have read 1,3 and now this) but it gives you enough you can read this as a standalone. Lacey has been through some amount of crap and as a result she is now working with the police marine unit. The cop she has a thing for is MIA and things aren't looking good. She discovers a body in the waters which means she keeps stepping on the toes of DCI Tulloch who she already has a bit of a touchy history with. Tulloch has her own personal life issues going on which we touch on in between human bodies wrapped like mummies and human trafficking - it is a busy book!

There is a bit, not too far in, that would have horror fans a tad squeamish, a body is pulled from the Thames and the examination and description is graphic, Bolton fare paints a scene! Lacey is dragged into yet another case, another psycho and it is creepy as well as dangerous.

Action packed, pacey, stalking, relationships, drama, death, there is constantly something going on and I didn't really have any suspects or clue to who the baddie was. Isn't it grand when you are pulled along right to the end! I have read Bolton before and absolutely will read her again, I don't think I have any more of hers on my tbrm, will get the one from this series I missed and check out, 3.5/5 for me this time.

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