Friday 24 January 2020

Wee love themed giveaway

As we know Valentine's day is coming so I figured I would do a wee love themed giveaway. Some folk find Valentine's hard or hate the commercialised overcharged crap. I happen to love Valentine's so why not and whether you love or hate it, who doesn't like a wee comp.

So just so we are clear, the easel ISN'T part of the giveaway, I just love the heart board so will be using it in many of my piccys :D - up for grabs, as pictured is:

A wee 3 set of facemasks, I picked up a set for me, used one today and it is the consistency of a peel mask but the one I used isn't a peel, smells nice though and my skin feels nice and soft. I am super sensitive too and *touch wood* no reaction or irritation.

X2 wee love heart shaped candles, X1 wee fake rose, X1 red silicone bookbandz which is a bookmark that goes around the actual book and if you stop reading mid paragraph you can position the wee hand to the line you last read. And a wee cat with a part hat on bookmark. I may add another wee extra into the package if I get the chance to get something else, maybe a wee chocolate something.

To get this to the winner before Valentines day I will only keep the competition open for a wee while, give me time in between shifts to get to the post office. If you are not UK based I don't mind opening it up to worldwide but it will NOT arrive before Valentines day so it is entirely up to you. To enter, all you need to do, as usual, is enter via the Rafflecopter, please only complete entries you have done to avoid entries being disqualified which actually happens on every single giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I am signed up to receive posts.

  2. Thank you, Lainy, again, for offering such a fun, fabulous giveaway!

  3. So excited by this giveaway, doubly so because its my birthday just days before Valentine's Day. Thank you for putting together such a thoughtful lot of goodies.


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