Thursday 2 January 2020

Christmas Cakes and Mistletoe Nights by Carole Matthews

Christmas Cakes and Mistletoe NightsChristmas Cakes and Mistletoe Nights by Carole Matthews
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 4 days in and out

Pages - 392

Publisher - Sphere

Source - Bought

Blurb from Goodreads

Indulge in this wonderful, cake-filled novel of romance and friendship. Christmas Cakes and Mistletoe Nights is Sunday Times bestselling Carole Matthews doing what she does best!

Fay and Danny are madly in love and it's all Fay's ever dreamed of. But she left everything - including the delightful cake shop she used to run - to be with Danny on his cosy canal boat The Dreamcatcher. And as she soon finds out, making delicious cakes on the water isn't always smooth sailing!

Then Fay gets a call from her friends, a call that sends her back to her friends and the Cake Shop in the Garden. It will be hard being away from Danny but their relationship is strong enough to survive . . . isn't it?

Fay soon falls happily back in love with her passion for baking - especially now she's on dry land again! - and starts to wonder if she ever should have left. With Christmas around the corner, Fay is determined that her friends will have a very merry time, but does that mean even more time away from Danny? Can Fay really get everything she ever wanted in Christmas Cakes & Mistletoe Nights.

My Review

Fay and Danny are living the dream, Fay left an uphappy relationship for the younger Danny and they are now sailing on his boat, getting work where able. When an old friend of Fay's takes unwell she head back to her old home and business now owned by Lija. Lija is a fire cracker, she suffers no fools, has a mouth like a fishwife and a new helper called Rainbow who is her polar opposite. Fay slides into their routine, helping out in the cafe whilst looking out for their old friend, she needs the money, they need the help and Danny should be back when able.

This is one of those stories, relationships and family are pretty much the whole story with some cakes and dramas thrown in. Fay still has a huge gripe with her sister who is selfish, rude, flashy with cash whilst Fay is strapped and lots of resentment from when her mother died. Fay loves her sister so when she shows up for Christmas, attitude and all Fay welcomes her with open arms. We have drama's, love, anger, relationships and two fabulous characters in Rainbow and Lija. Rainbow just loves everything and is so over the top sugar and happiness in comparison to Lija, zero tolerance for mupppetry, sentiments or users. I loved it and the two are so starky different they just work.

From a family point of view I really loathed the sister but would have liked a bit more meat on her story. A good read, nice enough for December with plenty of chuckles along the way, 3.5/5 for me this time. I would read this author again!

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