Thursday 12 September 2019

Hiya from America

We travelled down to Manchester and overnight stayed in the Radisson Blu hotel, right next to the airport and a lot less faffing about. Technically away 13 nights I think it works out, think I have enough books?

Guys the internet here has been pretty shocking, I can get on Insta/Twitter but uploading takes ages and this post has been in progress since we arrived here 12 days ago now! It may even be we are home in Scotland by the time this thing goes live!

We are in one of my fav places, Las Vegas, this is our 7th trip here I think. I love the shows, people are so happy, the tacky tourists shops and a wee Mike's Hard Lemonade, not to mention the buildings and props..

The weather was pretty harsh when we arrived, 42 degrees, my Scottish skin was melting, timeline took ages to settle and we went chasing the sunrise at 5am on our second day here I think it was.

I love this place, the city that never sleeps not matter what time you get up or go to bed there are always folk still around, drinking, gambling, gabbing.

We always go to shows when we come here, we went to see Cher, omg she is a legend, 73 and could out dance a lot of artists. I have uploaded tons of piccys from our time on our instagram, it is an open account. We normally go to one show a day but this time we have been exhausted so just played it by ear. Went to a few comedy shows, we seen Def Leppard live, David Copperfield (fantastic, emotional and I totally recommend going seeing him, we saw him 7 ago and he has just gotten better!), we seen Penn & Tellar and for my birthday o/h took me to a drag queen brunch show. It even rained one night, second time we have been here we brought the Scottish weather.


  1. Wow! That is some haul of books you took with you. I tend to 'forget' to take a book other than the one I'm currently reading then I HAVE to buy more.
    Loving following your US adventures. Thank you for sharing.

  2. It sounds like you are having a great trip. Las Vegas can be a great place to visit. You have great pictures. Enjoy the rest of your trip!


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