Sunday 13 May 2018

Edinburgh Horror Con - Happy Weekend

I hope you guys have had a lovely weekend. I caught up with some friends and we went to Horrorcon in Edinburgh, the first time it has been held there. Pre con prep with nails, clothes, jewellery and accessories - Princess Trixie cared not one iota as you can see.

Matthew Lillard was lovely, really nice, friendly and rather taken with "Gel boy" :P xxx

Playing the bad guy, Q&A with Richard Brake & Jonathan Break was really good, there is a tiny clip of them both chatting on my Instagram.

Two of us stayed over night, this was the view of the sky from our hotel room, the picture doesn't really do it justice.

Serial Killer Cabaret was very different, sure some folk got videos of it.

It is certainly the smallest con I have been to but as it was the first I think they did really well in terms of venue, guests and organisation. With word of mouth hopefully the next one will be even bigger. Have you ever been to any cons? They are great, take a lot of organising and it is so fantastic to support these events! Authors, actors, singers, performers, Q&A's and so much merchandise (some of which I have posted to my Instagram and forgot to upload here) and interactive zones. I can't recommend it/them enough, this was my third and it won't be my last.


  1. I has been awhile, but I used to attend a fair number of science fiction conventions. I really enjoyed them and I want to start going again. A horror convention sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. Fun photos! I didn't realize there were so many "cons"!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time. I have never been to a con but I think I would prefer something smaller...less overwhelming!

  4. Oh looks like fun! Love the kitty sort of photobomb. :D


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