Saturday 17 March 2018

Hola from sunny Spain

This is day five of our holiday and the least relaxed holiday we have ever had. This is our sixth visit to the hotel and we love it here, the scenary and grounds.

We were sure we were going get away as I was unwell but we made it. Finished the meds Wednesday night, feeling much better than I had (kidney infections are no joke) but by Thursday morning I was feeling poorly again, shakes, shivers, pain etc. So we had to get the onsite doctor, more meds with a whole list of DONT DOs. We then got a call from the cattery that Princess Trixie (if you are new to the blog, she is my wee helper kitty cat, 17 years young) was really unwell. There in was a visit to the vet, a night in the emergency vet, unpleasant interaction with a not so understanding vet (the rest of the staff were lovely), the hotel staff were fantastic helping to get us the consent form printed so we could sign and send it back.

After all of that, back at our vets, lots of bloods which showed improvement, IV fluids, she had a full bladder and wasn't passing urine and still refusing to eat despite offerings of chicken, fish and all selections of food. The vet wanted to send her back to the vet hospital for a feeding tube to be placed. I made a judgement call, I think at 17 that just is too much, I also think it sounded like she was huffing and with permission of the cattery I wanted her back there to see how she went. Try that first (she likes it there) and if still no joy off to the hospital she goes. Well, not even twenty seconds she was back and she had peed for Britain and was tearing into the food, Hurrah, tears of joy in this corner.

There is nothing worse when your furbaby is poorly and you are hundreds of miles away, we aren't out of the woods yet but she ate and slept. Awaiting an update this morning. We can only continue to hope and be positive, thanks for all your well wishes, tweets, messages, it means a lot.

Managed to get a bit of escapism with reading, thank God for books and a kind stranger came up to me yesterday and gave me a book. The kindness of others never fails to amaze me! We also saw a wee ginger kitten after the most worrying call about Trixie, he let me stroke him, reluctantly, twice.

Hoping news is happier with you guys, my internet is sketchy so I can't get on much xxx


  1. I am so sorry to hear all this. I am glad to hear that Princess Trixie is doing better however. The suffering and illness of pets are so difficult. It is so much worse when one is away. I hope that trixie snd yourself feel better soon.

  2. Hola, Lainy! I hope you are both feeling better soon.

  3. I'm sorry you and Trixie have been unwell, I hope you're bother better soon and that you can enjoy your vacation. It's hard when the furbabies are sick I know.

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