Saturday 17 December 2016

The Feud by Kimberley Chambers

The Feud (Mitchell's & O'Hara's #1)The Feud by Kimberley Chambers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - on and off for 2 days

Pages - 480

Publisher - Preface Publishing

Blurb from Amazon

On one side are the Mitchells, a notorious underworld mob from East London's Canning Town. They have an iron in every fire and will resort to intimidation and violence to get what they want. When Stanley Smith's lovely young daughter, Jessica, announces that she is to marry Eddie, the son of mob boss Harry Mitchell, Stanley is horrified, but too afraid to stand in their way.

On the other side are the O'Haras. The Mitchells' biggest rivals are a travelling family who live in nearby Stratford. They compete with the Mitchells for pub protection and the two families hate each other.

Caught between these two families at war, are two innocent children, who will grow up to love the wrong people and spark the last terrible act in the long-running feud. 1988 was a happy year in many people's lives. Some called it The Rave Year, others The Second Summer of Love. For Eddie Mitchell and his family it is neither. 1988 is the year in which his whole dangerous, violent world explodes around him.

My Review

The first book in a trilogy of the Mitchell's and the O'Hara's, when Jimmy O'Hara slashes Eddie, Eddie retaliates by beating Jimmy half to death with a baseball bat, there in is born a feud that lasts a life time. Both have kids and go their separate ways however fate brings both families together in a way neither could imagine with life changing consequences.

Oooooh what a kick to a new series, the main focus starts with the Mitchell's, their kids, growing empires and family, close and extended. The O'Hara's come in via their son Jed, a cocky young chappy with the looks and chat to snare any female that comes into his path. Forbidden love often draws people together and in the land of gangsters it is no different, a love kicks off a chain of events no one could foresee.

As well as the usual Chambers is well known for, gritty crime, bad language, murders and sex this one has a representative of the times. Set in the 80's we see homophobia and racism raise its ugly head so most assuredly not for the easily offended. I was delighted to find I hadn't read this series and have the other two to batter through, I would have read this in one sitting had work and Christmas prep not got in the way. Definitely in my top 2016 reads, 5/5 for me this time, I am a huge Chambers fan and can't wait to get into the next installment!

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  1. This sounds so good. It seems to have its roots in a the very old story of a romance between people belong to two rival clans.

    Based on your description it seems like a big story that would work well in a series.

  2. Puts me in mind of an episode of East Enders.

    Seriously though, possibly a bit too gritty for me. The murders I could cope with, the bad language and sex? Perhaps not


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