Saturday 24 January 2015

Author event & signing with Stuart MacBride

Well tonight I went with my friends to see Stuart MacBride, one has never been to a signing before so was in for a treat. We have seen Stuart before, he is always funny, has some "fruity" language and fabulous tales to share. He warned that this book has a lot less swearing and bad language in it due to so many emails and complaints from people. I find this sad, you will always have complaints from people and I fear, the bad language is only the start, next they will be calling for getting rid of Steel because she is a lesbian. Far too much censorship these days and the characters we have come to know and love are for their potty mouths and short comings. That said I do understand where he is coming from but I sincerely hope the next book returns the characters to their usual expressions.

A new author, well to me anyway, introduced him, Russel D McLean another Scottish author whom I had not heard of before. He was also funny and I will need to, at some point look him up. Or maybe I will get one of his books via a publisher for the review pile. Either way I definitely will need to check him out, the picture below is him and both he and Stuart are on twitter if you wish to follow them.c

As a result of tonights fabulous hilarity and reading I have bought the 45% hangover, Shatter the bones (I accidentally bought the one after this) and the new one which was the tour for tonight, The missing and the dead. So even though the event was free, I think the authors do well to do these as I hadn't heard of the 45% hangover, which is a novella of Steel and Logan.

The publishers had given Stuart the advertising poster on a big pole to put up and he was damn well going to do it, although it was a tad tricky :P

I can't recommend you going to see this man enough if the opportunity comes your way. His genre is crime, set in Scotland. It is dark, bloody and really takes you through the events in vivid description. It is a great series (I have read to book 6 or 7 I think) if you like gritty crime and don't have an issue with some swearing you will love these books.

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