Wednesday 4 July 2012

Night Of The Living Dad, Confessions Of A Shabby Father by Sam Delaney

Night of the Living Dad: Confessions of a Shabby FatherNight of the Living Dad: Confessions of a Shabby Father by Sam Delaney
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Blurb From Amazon

A mop of black hair, wrinkled skin, a blueish-grey complexion and pretty, open eyes that dart around the room. You could call her scary and weird-looking I suppose but I quite like her.

Sam Delaney is happy: he is a new dad. He plans to be a caring, wise and reliable father.

Except he worries he might be none of those things. He worries that he might be an idiot. His nieces and nephews see him as a lovable buffoon. He is a clumsy oaf and sporadic binge-drinker who doesn’t have a proper job and cites ‘Teen Wolf’s dad’ as his biggest role model. Is he really fit for this new position of responsibility?

There’s only one way he’ll be able to find out. Follow Sam in his first year of fatherhood as he tries to figure out what a good dad should be, and, even more importantly, what sort of dad he should be.

My Review

This is quite an amusing wee book although that said some of it is a tad un-pc and if your easily offended (by boy humour and bad language) then I would avoid it. Sam takes us through the journey of just before (deciding on) and having a new baby and how his life changes.

The book has two main focus points, obviously Sam's life (work, relationship and everyday doings) and his baby and how he adjusts to being a dad. He has some great stories and has done quite a bit of work with some well known companies and famous people (until I read this book I hadn't heard of him). Sam makes some mistakes along the way and one of my favourite parts was him constantly getting caught and told off on the baby monitor. I have actually laughed out loud at one or two parts of it

It's easy to read, fairly light and you can just dip in and out of it. It has been written with quite a comical feel to it and had I had less things to do I would have read it in one day. Worth a read if you fancy something light and with cheeky fun, 3/5 for me.

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  1. We don't often read about parenting from the father's point of view. Thanks for the review.

  2. I think I'd enjoy this one, nice review :)


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