Wednesday 4 July 2012

June Pre-loved Giveaway winner is...

Ian (no website given) although he did share a wee story with his competition entry which I will share below. Thanks to everyone who took part. As always if the book isn't claimed another winner will be picked.

Ian's short story

'I prefer to shop at night and thankfully in the 21st century, 24 hour supermarkets mean I can always maintain my needs without needing to venture out into the daylight. I had just run out of my special blend toothpaste and tonight was the night my favourite butcher was working. He takes a regular brand toothpaste and blends the minty fresh stripe with a thick course pigs blood to provide a tasty alternative to healthy gums. In my line of work, strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh..... wait, no, fresh breath is optional. You see, I am a Vampire and I take care of my teeth!


  1. Loving this short story, congratulations to Ian.

  2. You know hon =) you should make sound books lol =) hugs xx


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