Tuesday 18 October 2011

Review - Bleeding hearts by Elise Title

Bleeding HeartsBleeding Hearts by Elise Title

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Blurb from Amazon

When the body of respected psychoanalyst, Melanie Rosen, is found, it seems her murderer knew of her interest in him. When Melanie's sister starts receiving extracts of Melanie's diaries, she is shocked by details of her sister's sex life and is forced to face a truth about their upbringing.

My review

Sarah is the main character and comes into play after her sister is killed at the hands of a sexual serial killer. Soon Sarah is forced to look at her life and the people surrounding her, including her closest friends and the police officer, could the killer really be one of them?

Yet another book where I am tore between a two or a three rating. There is so much going on in this book between the murders, Sarahs own issues with her sister, father, past and now the murder and the threat of her being next. The story itself is quite good and the killer is very smart but there is a huge sexual element to this book and whilst it is relevant in some areas, others I felt it was just not required but maybe put in to either spice the book up or satisfy a different kind of reader. I also felt the dialogue between some of the characters jumped quite a bit and the end of the book whilst it went out witha big finale it could have done with at least one more chapter if not two. However they do say the reader should be left wanting more so in that aspect the author has done her just but I was a bit irked at one or two things so for me 3/5 and I would try another of this authors books.

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