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Two Sisters by Alex Kane

Two SistersTwo Sisters by Alex Kane
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They tried to forget their past. Now it’s the only thing that can save them.

Ever since being adopted as babies, twins Sinead and Orla have been the only family they’ve ever known. But as adults, their lives have taken different paths. Orla’s got the big house in Glasgow, the supportive husband and teenage daughter, Molly Rose, while Sinead’s struggle with drugs and alcohol has taken her to some very dark places.

But all of that changes when Sinead receives a call from the woman who gave them up at birth. Their mother, Janey, is back in their lives. But she’s far from what they expected and when the siblings discover their mum is the head of a dangerous gangland firm, their lives are turned upside down.

In a firm like Janey’s, you have to watch your back. And when someone from her past targets her new found family, Sinead, Orla and Molly Rose find themselves pawns in a dangerous game, against someone who will stop at nothing to take his revenge on Janey. But when Molly Rose is kidnapped, it’s time for the sisters to show this family will do anything to protect one of their own.

A hard-hitting, action-packed Scottish gangland thriller that fans of Jacqui Rose, Kimberly Chambers and Mandasue Heller won’t be able to put down.

My Review

So apparently this is book two in a series, I didn't know and started here, I will be going back and buying the first book now though. That said you can absolutely read as a standalone, that's what I done and we have brief throwbacks to Janey when she was younger so I don't feel we missed out starting here.

Janey is top of her game in the criminal world and the book flips between Orla, Sinead and Millie Rose, Janey's estranged family. Orla and Sinead are twins, given up at birth and now grown women, Sinead is addicted to substances and does what she needs to on the streets to fund her habit. Orla couldn't be more different, mum to teenager Molly Rose, owner of legitimate businesses. Janey has reached out to Orla who shuns her however when Janey's past impacts on them and putting them in danger Orla has no choice but to let Janey in, they will all do what it takes to protect Molly Rose but is it too late?

Not for the faint hearted, it covers topics of abuse, addiction, prostitution, abandonment, SA, trafficking (is touched upon), family, drugs, secrets and more. Set in Glasgow, we see just how far ripples have from the past/decisions to present and consequences of those. Family is at the heart of this one but with the long reach/affects of skulduggery and shady dealings that go on from living "the life" even if you aren't a direct part of it, 4/5 from me and I will be getting book one and looking forward to the next!

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