Tuesday 28 November 2023

Hello from holiday

we have took a wee bit of time out for a break away, work + everything else we need it.

It was a bit overcast but still warmer than Scotland which was - when we left, ooft winter is here for sure.

I haven't beought my laptop so will need to catch up with reviews and stuff when back. For now we are super chill, nice weather, sleep, books and even hoping for a a cocktail tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Here are some of the books I brought ♥️📚

And typical bookworm I brought not one, not two but THREE booklights with me. Two charge with the phone cable and one is usb so plugs into lappy and charges that way (o/h has his lappy so can charge on that if need be).

It is so nice just chill/poolside and we even made a wee bird pal ♥️ Anyway home soon, Pal watchingthe house and Luna is at the cat hotel. She is raging, look at this face, she wouldn't even look at me 🤣.

Hope you guys are having a great day, we have another giveaway on our Instagram. It is a bookmark, winner picks one, there are two available. one is The Shining (Stephen King inspired) and the other is the Mandolorian Grogu (baby yoda) holding a wand wearing a HP Gryffindor scarf.

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