Wednesday 24 August 2022

Edinburgh Book Festival

I went to pick up my pass, it isn't in the same location as when I went ?2 years ago, maybe 3? So this time it is at Edinburgh College of Art. It took us a bit longer to get to, the city was so busy, parking and get the tram was a no, there was no spaces and folk parked up on the verges. We parked along near the zoo and got the bus in then walked.

Luna didn't come with us but she absolutely checked out the pass and lanyard when I got home.

As you go in (depending which enterance you use) there is a bookshop and stand you can pick up a programme showing all the dates/times/events so we got one of them.

I forgot to mention the wee rubber ducks at the press tent, I love them although this year seemed less than previous but look how cute!

the enterance we went in had the site map (not sure if they are scattered around or if this is the only one).

There is decent amount of signage and we had gotten there in the afternoon so not sure if it would be the same from early on but there was still seats available. At the big screen and scattered around, grassy areas.

Wee gin van and there were other areas marked for food but we didn't go around all areas marked on the map (t was quite a quick visit for us) and a bar to the left of the press tent.

The toilets, they have male, female and one for everyone, nice to see inclusivity and they were kept in good order.

The usual big book display was on, I do love them.

Book signing tent, in the main part we went into.

And you can't go to Edinburgh without getting a picture of the castle.

Hopeful to actually get to see one of the events as the festival is 13th til the 29th but we also have the option of online if in person isn't achievable.


  1. An event I'd love to go to. I mean Edinburgh, a city I love, and books ... and now rubber ducks ... what's not to like!

    1. How good would that be and to actually properly meet <3 xxx


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