Wednesday 7 July 2021

The Split by Laura Kay

The SplitThe Split by Laura Kay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 1.5 days

Pages - 400

Publisher - Quercus Books

Source - Review copy

Blurb from Goodreads

Wounded and betrayed, after being dumped by her girlfriend, Ally makes off to her dad’s in Sheffield with the one thing that might soothe the pain and force her ex to speak to her again: Emily's cat, Malcolm.

Back home and forced into a 'date' by their parents, Ally and her first ever beard, Jeremy, come up with a ridiculous plan to win their exes back... to revenge-run a half marathon. Given neither of them can run, they enlist the support of athletic, not to mention beautiful, Jo. But will she have them running for the hills... or will their ridiculous plan pay off...?

My Review

Ally and Emily have been together for seven years, their break up comes out of the blue for Ally. Heartbroken, shocked and upset she leaves their boat and takes Emily's cat Malcolm, heading back home to Sheffield to lick her wounds. She reconnects with her old friend Jeremy, also home, heartbroken after having split from his boyfriend. The two decide to help each other through it and train for a half marathon, show their exes what they are missing.

Whilst Ally tries to win back her ex (or manipulate depending on how you see it) we get to know her. She emails Emily updates, mopes about the house before starting to train for this marathon with Jeremy. At some point she has to start looking for a job but prior to that we see her enjoying lazing about, eating what she wants (her ex was vegan so Ally "had" to be to). At parts Ally really isn't a nice person, treatment of a particular person in the attempts to win back the ex.

Self discovery, focus, personal growth and at one part I felt very emotive -, I know it is fiction but so many kids going through such isolation, feeling like an outsider growing up and noone "like you". We need to do better.

I think this might be marmite for some, I liked it, splashes of humour, shadiness, relationships, breakups and the madness of being a couch potato training for a half marathon (I was rooting for them!) I know I couldn't do it. 4/5 for me this time, will definitely look for more by her. xxx

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  1. Not a fan of Marmite ... I hate the stuff. This however sounds like a book I'd enjoy.


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