Tuesday 1 September 2020

My One True North by Milly Johnson

My One True NorthMy One True North by Milly Johnson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 2 days

Pages - 492

Publisher - Simon and Schuster

Source - Bought

Blurb from Goodreads

Laurie and Pete should never have met. But life has a different idea.

Six months ago, on the same night, Laurie and Pete both lost their partners. Overwhelmed by their grief, they join the same counselling group…and change their lives forever.

From their profound sadness, Pete and Laurie begin to find happiness and healing. Except, the more they get to know one another, the more Laurie begins to spot the strange parallels in their stories. Then Pete discovers a truth that changes everything—one which threatens to reverse everything they’ve worked towards.

But, as surely as a compass points north, some people cannot be kept apart.

With Milly Johnson’s signature “warm, optimistic, and romantic” (Katie Forde, bestselling author) style, My One True North is an unforgettable exploration of the power of love, friendship, and hope.

My Review

Ooft guys the opening chapter, it is well known I enjoy Johnson's books since I first heard of her on Come Dine with Me (yes the foodie program). Laurie and Pete have both lost their loved ones, well meaning friends point them to a wee friendly grief support group where they meet each other and try and work through their loss/feelings. As they get to know each other and process their grief they uncover things that impact on their recovery, friendship and their loved ones.

Relationships, love, grief, loss, friendship. I am sure I recognised a few wee names later in the book from one or two of the previous books! Whilst there is a huge surrounding theme of grief, there is so much love, happiness, humour and depth in the book.

Laurie has a few toxic muppets around her and I found myself getting rage reading some of the exchanges and shows of behaviour, distrusting folk and questioning stuff. Pete is a fireman and the people around him are lovely, well excluding his sister in law who fancies him and is being sooooooo inappropriate considering her sister passed away and Pete is her hubster. Lots of emotions reading this which is one of the reasons I enjoy them so much. Characters you love, characters you love to hate, shady behaviour, total human flaws but also the good guys and nicer side too, 4/5 for me this time, hope the next book is out soon. Sure I have said it before but I need to check her back catalogue and see if there are any I have missed!

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