Friday 4 October 2019

Meet Miss Luna

2 weeks ago tomorrow this little fluff ball came into our lives, this piccy was taken an hour ago.

We had been to the Cats Protection for the first time that day and I was devastated. Just brought it home that Princess Trixie was never coming home and some of the stories and wee cats, it is just so so sad.

We had just arrived in Stirling when I got a message from a girl whose purse I had found and reunited her with, 5 years ago, had sent me a message on FB she had added me on there back when I reunited her purse. On the Tuesday she had uploaded a piccy asking what we thought she should call her new wee kitten, I opted for Luna (black and white, wee half moon) as did a few others, so Luna it was. Anyway long story short she was highly allergic and knew we had lost Trixie so sent a wee message in the hope we may be able to rehome wee paws. I couldn't believe it, so immediately after the show we drove to her home and brought home this wee ray of light.

She has settled right in, rules the roost, has the Mr wrapped around her wee paws (not that he would ever admit it). We have never had a kitten, Trixie was our first cat and she was 8 when we got her so this is a whole new ballgame for us.

She has no fear, no awareness of danger and can fit into the tiniest of spaces so we are on high alert all the time and she can't be left alone unsupervised but she is the cutest wee riot. My newest blogging assistant is super cute but needs a lot of training and constantly reminded we do not eat or bite books!

She is a fab wee snuggle buddy (when she is exhausted out by playing!).

We are so happy and blessed to be able to give a home to this wee love and once she is bigger (she is only 8 weeks old just now) we will see about adopting a sibling for her. Tomorrow is her first visit to the vet. So just thought I would introduce you to Miss Luna Paws incase you don't follow the other blog accounts and hadn't seen her yet.


  1. Awwww, she's so sweet! It was obviously meant to be; she certainly looks like she's loving ruling the roost already 😊

  2. She's adorable and yes, a kitten needs a kitten companion. A local agency here will only adopt kittens in pairs. Hope you find her another sweet playmate. (It'll make all of you happier...LOL)

  3. Miss Luna is adorable! I love her coloring. I hope to see more pics of her as she grows up.


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