Saturday 15 June 2019

Update and adventures

The previous week I wasn't on much (although if you follow my Insta or Twitter you will have seen the updates. So I went to England to visit family, miss paws wasn't amused although she does enjoy climbing on my case.

The weather here was horrible and when I landed it was almost like when you actually go on holiday, it was such a nice change in the weather.

I was only down for a couple of days and it was more about family time but we did get to do a wee bit of sight seeing.

I got to feed baby parakeets - they were so cheeky and beautiful, love them!

So many beautiful animals and we got to get so close, I loved it.

I got to use his Zelda glass, this is a big deal. I am not a Zelda fan but this is a pretty fab glass.

I stayed in the wee Premier Inn, I kinda prefer them when going on mini trips, you know what you are getting. Bar a wee incident with the kettle and limescale it was fine.

There was a wee garden outside which was perfect to grab a wee read whilst waiting to meet up with family.

It was so nice although I didn't really read much except when I was back at the hotel.

Colchester Castle and the surrounding grounds is stunning, I didn't go into the castle but hope to when I visit next time.

Some of the buildings are stunning, I do love an old building and would have loved a wee walk around inside.

I took my Game of Thrones wee blanket with me, cookies, books and junk tv was a great way to unwind at the end of the day, after a bath of course.

When I got to the airport there was a lot of aggression, a lot of flights had been delayed, my own included so I bought junk food, found a quiet spot in the airport, tuned into my book and caught a wee bit of the live show for "For The Love of Horror" talking about their horror con event in Manchester in October. If you like horror check them out guys, they go live once a we, the guys banter is on point and I thought I was a huge horror movie yet every show I am taking note of movies not only I haven't seen but haven't heard of!

I got home pretty late, the sky was lovely but it was cold, nothing new there!

Pretty safe to say Princess Trixie missed me, I was only away three days but she shadowed and stayed by my side most of the night I got home. So that was my wee adventures, catching up now on my book reviews and looking forward to my next visit!

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  1. Lainy, I have been away from blogging this week, due to travel, as well. It sounds like you enjoyed your trip. Thank you for sharing your pics, Princess Trixie is adorable! :)


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