Thursday 27 June 2019

Helen Fitzgerald & Doug Johnstone at Waterstones

Today was such a beautiful day, weather wise and in general. Met with some of my fav humans and we headed to Waterstones for the book event, Orenda authors, Helen Fitzgerald and Doug Johnstone talking about their new books.

If you have never seen either of these authors you should if you get a chance, both are great speakers and fab chat but together they were hillarious and just bounced off each other with ease. Swearing, banter, a bit about how long they have known each other, their previous publishers and who is stalking who, can you stalk each other, double stalking? :D

The lovely Karen, of Orenda, introduced them both and you could listen to that beautiful accent all night. It was lovely of Orenda and Waterstones to highlight one of the crowd, blogger royalty, Mary having a very special birthday. Not only did they do a lovely wee speech they presented her with cake and flowers. I utterly love the book world, Mary is so supportive of authors, bloggers and just a genuine person with a heart of gold! Happy birthday again Mary, we love you!

Helen read from her book, Worst Case Scenario, out now to buy in kindle and tree book format on Amazon or in store.

And Doug then read from his new book, Breakers, also out now to buy in kindle or tree book format, from Amazon or in store.

Waterstones hold events like these all the time guys, if you haven't been to any please check out their website and support your stores/authors. The events are always really good, the authors are so approachable and sometimes hearing the writing process or some chat behind the book is what actually grabs you to buy it.

Helen has had one of her books made into a tv show, The Cry, and Worst Case Scenario has been optioned so fingers and toes crossed. Doug is in the band "Fun lovin crime writers" and they are performing at Glastonbury this year, how awesome is that!

Could have listened to them all night but once they were done I had to rush off and get home, I forgot my antihistamines and my foot had an encounter with something last night when we were out with miss paws, typical! Please check out the books guys and if you buy them or have read them please let me know in the comments or tweet, insta, fb - whichever is your preferred platform, I love a gab!


  1. Lainy, it sounds like you enjoyed this event a great deal. Very nice post! :)

  2. .You are awesome, Lainy. Thank you so much xxx

  3. I have read Breakers. It was brilliant. Off to get Helen's book xxx

  4. Sounds like a great event made extra special. I so wish our Waterstones was accessible to me.


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