Tuesday 19 June 2018

Q&A with author Isobel Hart

Welcoming Isobel Hart to So Many Books, So Little Time, author of Still Life, four other novels and currently writing the follow up to Still Life.

Thanks so much to Isobel for taking some time out to answer some questions for me. You can read my review for Still Life HERE.

Tell us about Still Life

Still Life is a romantic contemporary sci-fi. It tells the story of Samantha Davis; she’s clinging to the remnants of a broken relationship. After her boyfriend survives an accident – against expectations – he’s changed. For the better, some might say. The question is, why?

What made you genre switch?

I have always written pure adult contemporary romance up until now. And will again, I have no doubt. What Goes Around Comes Around and Full Circle are part of a 2-book series, Compromise Agreement is a standalone. Still Life may be a bit different but it’s written in the style of a contemporary romance. Pure Sci-fi fans will find it too light on the science, I imagine. What they have in common is real women, flaws and all. I didn’t consciously genre switch – I’ve always read across a wide variety of genres – I just wrote the story that was shouting loudest at the time. I still think it will appeal most to people who like romance.

When I picked up the book I thought Still Life was going to be very Sci Fi, it is more a mix of romance, relationships, abuse with mild sci fi themes, was this your vision for the book?

Yes, absolutely. It was always about Samantha – a very ordinary woman – who finds herself caught up in events. Her relationships are at the heart of the story. Her reactions, whether you agree with her choices or not, are the lens through which the story is told. I intended to make it plausible – this is a recognisable world on the brink of change.

How is the next in the series coming on and due for release?

I’m writing it now – all being well, I’d like to get it out early 2019. If possible, before.

I enjoyed the sci fi aspect of the book, will book two be more focused on that thread of the story or more relationship focus with mild sci fi themes?

I intend to answer the questions about the virus, but ultimately Still Born will be about Sam, and how she copes in the circumstances she finds herself in.

Rape and abuse are in the book but not given a lot of coverage, almost covered in passing, was this intentional. Did you feel this was important to include?

The story is told through Sam’s eyes – she’s not been exposed directly to the atrocities herself, only aware it’s been happening. Also, the timeline of events is relatively short – they’re in survival mode at the moment. They haven’t had much time to reflect on everything. That will come.

Which did you enjoy writing more, your previous books or this?

That’s like asking which of my children I love more! I love writing every book, there is space in my heart for all of them. This one seems to be more polarising in its appeal – you’ll either enjoy the rollercoaster, or hate it. I still love it.

How many more books do you see in the series?

Originally, I thought it would be a trilogy – now, I think there will only be 2 books. I intend to complete the story in the next book.

Where can fans find you?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/isobelhartbooks/<br />
Website: www.isobelhartsbooks.com

Twitter: @bellahartloves

Anything else you would like to answer that I haven’t asked?

Just thank you for reading, and reviewing. Bloggers are our lifeblood. I’m immensely grateful

And if all of this isn't enough to spoil you I am offering up my pre loved copy of Still Life, it is in perfect condition AND signed by the author. It is a bit chunky at over 400 pages so this one I will keep UK only, sorry guys.

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