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Deja vu by Emma Clapperton

Déjà VuDéjà Vu by Emma Clapperton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - < 30 mins

Pages - 37

Publisher - self

Source - Review copy

Blurb from Goodreads


Celia was found brutally murdered in a railway underpass. No one was ever charged with her murder, it was like the killer disappeared into thin air. But Celia knew her killer and after she died, she fought for her soul to re-enter her body, to carry on with life. But the force is too strong for her and her soul is cast aside.
Celia did not want anyone to forget what happened to her.


Alice has suffered from anxiety as far back as she can remember. With certain music causing unexpected emotional outbursts and recurring nightmares, she can’t take much more.
But when she gets the job she applies for, the future seems brighter. Soon after her first shift at the office, the recurring dreams intensify, become more detailed. They feel real.
And that’s when déjà vu sets in.
Alice begins to wonder if these spells déjà vu, are actually memories…

My Review

This is a wee short story, I normally don't read short stories as they leave me irritated and wanting more, usually just getting started when it ends. However with Deja Vu we plunge in quickly, we open with Celia, if you have read the blurb you know what is happening, if you haven't you just know something isn't right. We jmeet Alice in the next chapter, Alice is just a normal girl who suffers from anxiety, it is getting worse, music can set off panic and vomiting, not good when you are about to start a new job. Alice doesn't know why she is experiencing this, Celia needs justice for what happened, what is linking these two seemingly separate women?

There is an eerie atmosphere that builds from the first chapter, you know what has gone down but not where the story is going or where the link between the two main characters is. The timeline splits from 1987 with Celia to present day with Alice.

I couldn't figure where the story was heading, which in only 37 pages is pretty good going. I actually gasped at one point, it is testament to the authors ability to evoke an audible response from their reader. Whilst I am still not a fan of short stories I did really like this one, I have read this author before and have another on my TBRM to get to. 4/5 for me this time, if you like short stories you will love this, if you don't like short stories you will still enjoy this, I did!

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  1. I also often feel thaf short stories need more development and wish that they were longer. As you describe this, it sounds very good. Perhaps this is the kind of tale that works best as a short story.

    1. Hey Brian, I hope you are well, yeah she done this really good, I always prefer full books but this works well as is. xxx

  2. Lainy, I'm glad you enjoyed this! I do like short stories so I'd most likely enjoy reading this as well.


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