Saturday 3 February 2018

Blind Date with a Book Box

Oh lovies, it is back

If you remember, last year I think it was, I was looking for a book box. So many are subscriptions and pricey, this one was really cheap in comparison and no sign up. You got a blind date with a book, specified the genre you wanted and you got a few wee extras. I was delighted when I spotted it was back, limited time and Valentines themed. I am glad to see whilst Jojo has increased her price a little it is still by far one of the best bargain boxes you get.

So what do you get? Your blind date with your book, I think you can specify the genre just pop it in the message box. She is now on Ebay whereas before it has been Etsy. With Ebay both buyer and seller get protection if things go astray in the post.

It came in this great wee compact box, sorry the photo is a bit naff - I hadn't been to bed from my nightshift when the door went, I of course had to get tore in.

So, as well as your book, this box came with lovely wee extras - you can see my wee bookmark and charm in the picture, each box can vary depending on stock.

You take a chance with any of these blind dates with books, especially when you read the amount I do there is a good chance you can get a book you already have or have read. I could not be more pleased, I got a 1985 edition of Short stories of Sherlock Holmes. The books can be new or used, considering you only pay £12.90 which is including P&P (international rates will be more) I think it is fantastic value for money.

As you can see, my wee box had a tea bag, hot chocolate, love heart sweeties, a rose pin, a wee crystalised heart, two charms and a message in a bottle.

You can check out the Blind Date with a Book Box over on their Facebook page or head straight to their Ebay seller page whilst stock lasts. Already the ones with the message in a bottle have sold out, now there is a heart mug, I loved my wee box so much I have ordered another for myself and one as a gift for my friend.

I have been buying Book Boxes with my book jar challenge money and so many are really pricey for what little you get. This is by far one of my favs and the least costly. What you get is far more than a lot of the others, so much thought is put into them and the wee charms are lovely, fire a wee bit of ribbon on them and you have a great wee additional bookmark. I love to support small businesses where I can and when you find something that is really good, fantastic value for money it is a win win situation. If you buy one please tag me and let me know how you liked it and of course what book your date was. It is nice to hear how many folk are getting them because they have seen and loved mine!

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