Tuesday 28 February 2017

New feature Paws and Pages


So two things that I absolutely love are animals and books, in reality, who doesn't. I have been thinking for a while of doing some kind of feature with them both however I am not great with creativity. Blogger is grand and really user friendly but trying to incorporate a feature that people can add their own photos too hasn't been easy. If you can think of any suggestions please let me know, I was considering a tab of their own and some kind of linky to take you back to your page but think I would need more of a meme style thing maybe with questions. That however would mean bloggers would need to make an actual post like this in order to link back.

Isn't she beautiful, if you have been to the blog before this face needs no introduction, if you are a new visitor then introducing you to Princess Trixie (used to just be Trixie but she got upgraded to match her Diva attitude). This is her with The Watcher by Ross Armstrong, read my review here.

And here she is with Rattle by Fiona Cummins, review here.

So until I can accommodate something here I have set up a photo album on So Many Books, So Little Time. You can upload your photo to the album and share your beautiful babies and books.

Some people have reporting issues with the FB link, try this one *CLICK HERE* it takes you direct to the page and you just need to click on photos and find the album that way.

If you do not have Facebook and wish to participate please tag me @smbslt on Twitter, use the #PawsandPages or email your piccy to alwaysreadingsmbslt and I can upload it for you. Let me know your blog url and or blog name and I will add that to the post. If you are an author I think this is a cute way of advertising your book, a picture of your book baby and fur baby (or scales or whatever kind of pet you have). Get involved guys, you can tag on Instagram too. Any other suggestions let me know the usual routes, here, insta, facebook, twitter or email.


  1. Ohh I'm not good with taking pictures. I would like to join though. Let's see if I manage to take a good one. My dong are super cute though, so I'll try my best. :-D

    1. be delighted to have you, been some really nice piccys already xxx

  2. I also love animals and books. Though I tend to like all critters everywhere I am a cat person.

    I have not posted enough pictures of my cat. I should start to do so. I will link up to you on Facebook.

    Princess Trixie is very cool.

    1. Awesome, add your blog link too Brian, can't wait to see your kitty. Yes she rules the roost :D xxx

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog! Princess Trixie is so cute! I wish I've a pet but well I can always post my books pic, right? :)

  4. Such a sweet idea! Princess Trixie is a doll. Cats and books go well together (except when the cat is sitting on the book you want to read).

  5. What a fun idea for Paws and Pages! Princess Trixie is too cute :) I'll keep this in mind and link you on Twitter if I get a good pic of my dogs with a book.
    Happy weekend.


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