Monday 16 January 2017

Book Club meet up TBConFB

So Saturday saw the first meeting up our way for the book club TBConFB (THE Book Club on Facebook). The lovely Sharon, TBConFB admin, took on the arduous task of sorting it all out. I think there was about 30 of us in total, authors, reviewers and fabulous book lovers, I am only just getting my wee post on now because, well it is me you know what I am like, procrastinator! I did get most of the photos up on the club already so it isn't all bad/late!

This is one of the print outs holding our booked tables so I of course needed to capture a shot of it, you know me and my love for a billion photos.

A wee Blue Wkd was had, as well as being my favourite tipple, the author of Blue Wkd (read my review here) was coming so we needed the prop for the book :D

We had a hilarious and fabulous reading of The Gruffalo , Glasweigan style. Considering neither Alan Jones nor Owen Mullen had practiced or met each other before hand it was flawless, see my Instagram for a wee look at the video.

A captivated audience, I am sure someone from the club has the whole thing on video.

Sadly I didn't get to speak to everyone as I had triple booked the evening and had to leave early however it was lovely to put faces to the names you chat with online and speak to people in person! Not only did some of these authors give up time from their busy schedules, they brought signed books for raffle, personalised items (some of which I won by the lovely Fiona Wilson).

I love this and I am taking the wee chip to Las Vegas with me, hoping it will be a good luck charm.

And if all that wasn't enough, we also got a wee free pen, who doesn't love stationary! A great day with some beautiful people.

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