Saturday 26 November 2016

Blind Date with a book

So I had a look about online to see what book delivery boxes are available as my book saving jar (you put £1 in a jar for every book you read from Jan 1st to December 31st) will be up next month. There are many sites and offers out there but some of them are pretty pricey. I recently found one, on Etsy and Facebook, that offers you one book, a drink of your choice, a wee charm, a tea light candle and some sweets. It is ridiculously good value, under £10 (UK, for International postage is more expensive) for all of that and that is including postage. You can pick your style (genre) and the drink of your choice from your Etsy drop down menu, click here to go straight to the Etsy site. Here is the Facebook link, click here if you love postage, surprise book post (it is a blind date!) and wee extra goodies guys this is honestly the best.

So, as with most people, you are always a bit suspect when ordering things online and small new businesses. I could not be more happy with my delivery. Lets have a wee look at mine, also please remember it is ONE book with your box, I got two in mine however the normal will be you get one book as listed.

So it came wrapped in brown paper, then wrapped in black tissue with a wee gold heart. The book itself is wrapped in brown paper and the sweeties also wrapped in purple tissue :D black and purple, my fave colours, by chance not request!

Inside I had my wee hot chocolate and a wee mini milk, sweeties as you can see below in the pictures and an adorable wee owl charm that I am going to turn into a hanging bookmark I think.

I cannot recommend this enough guys, I will post when my next one comes, I am going to order it tonight. I may even get a few for Christmas presents for my fellow book geeks. Some books are brand new, some are used, you won't know which book it is until it arrives so it could be one you have read before, it is a blind date. I was delighted that I haven't read mine but even if I had (I have 5 bookcases and 300+ books on my kindle so it was a possibility) I wouldn't have minded. For the price you really can't complain and I don't mind re reading a book, I have re read a fair few in my time and whilst I give lots away & do comps, I think as my first ever box I will be keeping both! Lets support small businesses and spoil ourselves with a little indulgence. Oh and if you order, please leave a review and like the Facebook page and word of mouth is what supports and keeps these wee businesses going!

And if all of that wasn't enough, the string that comes with the box and on my wee book has been providing hours of fun for Princess, she will be 16 in January, doesn't keep in great health and I haven't seen her this playful in ages. So a wee additional extra for the kitty, delighted.


  1. Lainy, this looks like great fun! I am glad Princess also enjoys this special delivery.

  2. The Silent Witnesses book is very good and I love the owl!!

  3. This is such a neat concept. I am glad that you such a good experience with this.

    Recently a social media friend decided to include me in a "Pay it Forward" with a book. That is a particular book is passed on from person to person. After one reads it they pass it on to someone else who might be interested in it. This is kind of another way to have bind date with a book.

  4. P.S. – I am glad to see that Princess is happy too :)

  5. KITTY! :)

    What a fun concept. Also, hope to see your owl bookmark. Glad you enjoyed this. I'll have to check it out.


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