Saturday 18 June 2016

Murder At The Laurels by Lesley Cookman

Murder at the LaurelsMurder at the Laurels by Lesley Cookman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 4 days on and off

Pages - 368

Publisher - Accent Press Ltd

Blurb from the back cover

Steeple Martin amateur detective Libby Sarjeant's friend, and sleuthing partner, psychic investigator Fran Castle, suspects that there is something suspicious about the death of her aunt in a nursing home. When Fran's long-lost relatives turn up and seem either unconcerned or obstructive, Libby and Fran are sure something is wrong, particularly as the will is missing.

As usual Libby needs little persuasion to start investigating, even if she doesn't see herself as Miss Marple. They discover surprising links to Fran's own past but, as murders multiply and the police take over, can the amateur sleuths keep on the trail?

My Review

Fran gets a call out of the blue to visit her aunt for her upcoming birthday, giving her a chance to see her friend Libby. However Eleanor dies and Libby and Fran can't help but think something isn't right and the relatives make them even more suspicious. Libby has gotten involved with murder before and Fran has psychic abilities that soon get the ladies wrapped up in a who done it.

This is a relatively easy read, book two in a series although I must admit I hadn't read the first and don't feel I lost anything as previous events are referred to. It reminded me very much of a murder she wrote cozy murder mystery style tale. There is murder, skulduggery, violence, lies, deception, relationships and secrets galore but nothing gory or too out there.

The pace goes along nicely, the characters have relationships building and not wholly focused on the murder and who done it. I would like to see more of Fran's psychic abilities and wonder if they featured more in the first book. I think I would read more of these tales, an enjoyable 3/5 for me. If you like crime and murder stories without the gore and gunk, these will be perfect for you.

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