Monday 27 June 2016

His Other Life by Beth Thomas

His Other LifeHis Other Life by Beth Thomas
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 2 days

Pages - 400

Publisher - Avon

Blurb from Goodreads

He was hiding a terrible secret...

Grace’s new husband Adam seems like the perfect package. Good looking, great job, completely charming – almost too good to be true...

So when Adam suddenly disappears from Grace’s life, she is left bewildered and heartbroken. And with a lot of unanswered questions.

As she tries desperately to find him, Grace opens a Pandora’s Box of secrets and lies – and starts to learn that Adam wasn't so perfect after all.

What shameful secrets was her husband hiding? Is Grace in danger? And can she survive the truth? However terrible it may be..

My Review

I loved the blurb for this, it sounded like a great mystery and martial secrets. Grace and Adam seem to have everything on the surface, beautiful, job security and everyone likes them. But Adam disappears after a strange call and Grace is left wondering where Adam has gone, is he safe and who is Leon?

The story starts off good and draws you in, I know I really wanted to know what happened to Adam and who was the mysterious Leon. However, as the story goes on, the police become involved and we start to see exactly what Grace and Adams relationship was like I got really frustrated. Grace's character is so naive, irritating and innocent for being a married woman although we find out as the tale goes on how young she is. Some of the way the characters converse with each other irritated me, the best friend Ginger is so inappropriate and annoying considering what Grace is going through.

I think the problem for me was a lot of the actions and narrative grated on me or I had to suspend belief because I couldn't imagine adults behaving like that or talking the way they did considering the circumstances. An example of this would be jocular chat between two characters calling each other dog breath and slug head. I am very much in the minority I think though as so many people seemed to have loved it so definitely give it a bash yourself, you may love it, 2/5 for me though.

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1 comment:

  1. The premise does sound interesting.

    However, I agree, unbelievable or very unintelligent characters can ruin a book.


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