Thursday 30 January 2014

ARC - Payback by Kimberley Chambers

PaybackPayback by Kimberley Chambers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 1.5 days

Publisher - Harper Collins

Pages - 454 (uncorrected proof copy)

Blurb from Goodreads

Family. They're supposed to watch your back. Not stab you in it

When the enemy is one of your own, the payback is twice as hard.

The Butler brothers are the Kings of the East End, and their motto is ‘what goes around, comes around’.

In their world, family counts; so when the truth about Vinny’s nephew’s death comes to light, it rocks the Butlers to the core. One by one, Vinny’s friends and family are turning against him…

Then, the unimaginable happens – Vinny’s little daughter Molly goes missing. She’s the one chink of light in all their lives, and the one they’d commit murders to bring back.

But is it already too late for that?

Is this PAYBACK?

My Review

Welcome back to the Butler family. After the last installment where we left a dent in the family with deaths and secrets, it is time to face the music and have some payback. Michael and Ahmed know Vinny's secret about how Champ really died and the truth will always out. As the truth comes to light everything in Vinny's world will fall apart and everything he holds dear is threatened.

Oh. Dear. Lord. - I loved this book! I have said it before and I will say it again, you have a fear when you pick up a loved authors new book in case it doesn't cut the mustard. This one may have bettered the first, which is no mean feat. Vinny is still his hard, mental self although we see a new side as he knows his actions from the first book may come back to haunt him. Michael is different this time too, he has developed and has a darker side I felt this time around due to all that has passed and having to deal with it.

There are secrets throughout this book, the reader knows some but not what will come from them and some that we don't and will blow you away. I love the Butlers, I love the tension, the story sucks you right in. I picked this up after finishing a book that I hated thinking I will read a chapter, I was still up 100 pages later! You are pulled into their world and absorbed in the story from the prologue where violence and retribution await you.

What did I love? Everything! What did I hate? The end because I want it to keep going and now have to wait for Miss Chambers to write it, edit it, publish it ahhh. I honestly didn't think the book could get any better but the end totally blew me away, you need to get this book now! If you haven't read the first in this series you can get away with picking this up as the author paints enough back story to keep you in the loop however you would be depriving yourself a great tale if you don't get the first. 5/5 for me, I loved it, Chalmers has not only came through with this one she has topped herself! Thanks so much to HarperCollins for providing an ARC copy which is available to all good retailers from the 1st of February 2014, in Hardback for £12.99.

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  1. That's great you enjoyed this so much. It sounds like a good one. And this is the first time I've heard the expression "cut the mustard" :)


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