Saturday 11 August 2012

Review - The Dark Side Of Night by Cindy Dees

The Dark Side Of Night (H.O.T. Watch #1)The Dark Side Of Night by Cindy Dees
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Time Taken To Read - 3 days

Publisher - Harlequin

Blurb From Goodreads

Kinsey Hollingsworth's tropical-getaway plans didn't include dodging gunshots. Or a speedboat chase with Mitch Perovski, the tall and tempting spy who'd commandeered her boat. But the socialite would handle anything Mitch demanded--whether it meant going undercover or under the covers.

Mitch didn't work with partners. And although Kinsey proved she was more than a pampered heiress, she was no match for the assassin targeting them...or for Mitch's smoldering desire. He had to get through this one high-stakes task with her. But after a night in Kinsey's arms, could he walk away from their partnership for good?

My Review

This is the second book in a combo I bought when on holiday. Kinsey is a spoiled rich girl hiding out after a huge expose in the papers after a public split with her fiancé. Chilling out on her daddy's boat her day is turned upside down by Mitch and a spray of bullets. What follows is their emotional turmoil battling the passion and feelings they have for each other whilst trying to dodge the bullets coming from their enemy. Will they stay manage to fight their feelings for each other and manage to stay alive?

I did enjoy this book, a new series with new characters and whilst there is a steamy scene or two and a lot of imagining what they would do to each other, the story outside of all that is pretty good. There is action jumping off the pages pretty much right from the get go and I don't mean of the naughty variety - it has a really great action story.

Again she uses words that I don't see often in books and that reminds me of years ago, for example cagey "Another shrug. Cagey, he was". Or Kowabunga (I would use a quote but it gives a wee bit away about a particular scene and I don't do spoilers however if you grew up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this would have been a phrase you used a lot through your childhood.

The story got a tad fantastical near the very end and whilst I did enjoy it I was sitting going ok that would so never happen. If you fancy a book that is great for holiday and with some fantasy and a rough bad guy who is really a good guy then this is the book for you, 3/5 for me this time and I would read this author again.

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  1. Nice balanced review. I do remember Kowabunga. (smile)

  2. Lainy, I linked to this review on my blog today. Thought you might like to know.

  3. Oooh which one Maryann? I had a look but you have a few, thanks so much for linking and congrats on your contract, amazing news.

  4. Sounds exciting. lol I do remember Kowabunga :P


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