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Review - Breathless Encounter by Cindy Dees

Breathless Encounter: Breathless Encounter\The Dark Side of NightBreathless Encounter: Breathless Encounter\The Dark Side of Night by Cindy Dees
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Blurb From Goodreads

A man—only, much more powerful…

…rescues filmmaker Sunny Jordan from certain death on the high seas. Someone wants her dead, but her mysterious savior, Aiden McKay, seems intent on guarding her life—and keeping his emotions at a distance. Sunny never imagines the sexual chemistry involved in being saved by a godlike man, a chemistry the man seems determined to ignore. He has secrets about who he is and how he can navigate oceans with the ease of an underwater killer. Swept up in an adventure, Sunny falls hard for this man whose love runs deep but is potentially deadly….

My Review

Firstly let me say this book is a two for one but I am going to review each book separately as I feel the stories deserve that so this is only a review for book one, Breathless Encounter. I had never heard of this author and only picked this book up because it was a good deal (under $4 for 2 books) and well look at the cover - I don't normally go for blondes but this chap draws you in!

Sunny Jordan is our main character (well one of) out on her boat trying to capture on video the atrocity's that happen out at sea. Someone wants her dead and whilst trying to take her down she is found and rescued by Aiden McKay (other main character). Aiden has secrets he doesn't want anyone to know about, especially a women when he has tried and succeeded in staying away from them for the past few years. However a blossoming romance and sexual tension sets in and before long they are battling their feelings and trying to stay alive, someone keeps attacking and trying to kill them but who is the target, Sunny or Aiden.

This is an action packed romance with murder, sex and a whole lot of life threatening situations. I liked Aiden, he is your gorgeous hunky man with commitment issues along with a few other unique traits. Sunny I would have liked to have slapped a few times - her life is being threatened yet she is concerned with insurance details, although in her defence she has a lot to contend with because of Aiden and the people constantly trying to kill them. I think some people will find this book too fantastical, how many times can one girl get into such situations and some of the things they come away with. For example "That went beyond clueless to royal jerkdom." and she uses the word crud, I haven't seen this term used in a book but we used to say it years ago so I loved it. I had some other cracking quotes but the bookmarks fell out.

When reading this book I laughed, sighed (even at a few points tutted out loud). It has a few descriptive sex scenes but mostly the story is about these two people who like each other and how they struggle to deal with it. Add in quite a bit of action, murder, sabotage and passion and you have a good story, despite a few issues I actually quite liked it. This is a perfect holiday book and I am just going to start the second novel but this time it is a 4/5 for me.

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  1. Action, murder, sabotage and passion? Wonderful. I'm afraid the cover doesn't do anything for me though.

  2. Wow, this sounds right up my alley. And you are right about that cover :)

  3. I was just going to comment on how the cover put me right off but then it seems that has already been said and I am always saying one should never judge a book by its cover!!

  4. Lol I used to always judge books on their covers but an author friend explained how little input or choice some of them have with them so now I am a bit more open minded.

  5. This is my first visit to the site, and I have enjoyed the reviews. I agree about the cover for this book. In my opinion it does not have a good design, and there are still a lot of people who are drawn to a book by a great cover. It is sad that many authors published by major houses do not have much say in the cover of their book. I am lucky with my publisher who does send me a draft of the cover design for input.


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