Saturday 17 March 2012

Review - the Nearly-Weds by Jane Costello

The Nearly-Weds: Pernikahan yang TertundaThe Nearly-Weds: Pernikahan yang Tertunda by Jane Costello

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 1 day

Blurb From Amazon

What's the worst thing that could happen to a blushing bride? To somebody warm, loving, and fun - like Zoe Moore? When she finds herself jilted at the altar by her fiance Jason, Zoe knows she doesn't deserve this heartache and humiliation. Unable to face the pitying faces of her friends and family, Zoe takes drastic action: she flees to America. Specifically, to Boston, where she takes up a post as nanny to five-year-old Ruby Miller and her little brother Samuel. Ruby and Samuel have lost their mother in an accident. They may as well have lost their father, too, for Ryan Miller is so wrapped-up in his grief that he barely notices his two attention-starved children. As Zoe sets about tidying up Ruby and Sam's home, and injecting some fun back into their lives, she finds herself gaining their trust and love. At the same time, Zoe grows more and more frustrated with Ryan's bullying behaviour, and his shameful neglect. Whatever happened to the loving man she keeps hearing about from his neighbours? Zoe can't find any sign of him. The only thing saving Zoe from despair is the small, close-knit group of British nannies who quickly befriend her.There's boisterous Trudie, man-mad but hiding a painful secret; Sloanie traveller Amber, who sports a Buddhist tattoo that, unbeknownst to her, reads 'Batteries Not Included'. And chilly, tight-lipped Felicity, whose cut-glass voice gives little away. But will these new friends be able to save Zoe, when she discovers that the past isn't all that easy to escape, no matter how far you go?

My Review

Zoe is heading to America as a live in nanny after being left at the alter by her would be husband. She is devastated but ready to move on after months of silence and no explanation from her would be hubby. She meets the employer from hell, he is dismissive, arrogant and utterly gorgeous but a nightmare to live with and the house is a dump however his two children are beautiful and well she isn't there for him anyway.

Oh how Zoe made me laugh out loud reading this. You go on a roller coaster journey of laughs, tears and oh my Gods. She reminded me of Bridget Jones only more of a liability. It isn't my usual kind of book and definitely chick lit, perfect for a holiday read or something to get you over readers block.

Some of it was a bit predictable but that didn't detract from the enjoyment really (although I did find myself saying really?!?!? a few times). I read it almost in one sitting and it got me through my flight really quickly with a few laughs and hair raising moments so 4/5 for me. My first encounter with this author and I would read her again.

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  1. I have heard of this author but have not yet felt interested enough to read any of her novels. This was one does not really appeal either, even though you obviously enjoyed it.

  2. This sounds like a fun read. I love books that can make me laugh. Nice review.


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