Saturday 17 March 2012

A.R.R - Shadows Behind The Rainbow by Otis Randolf

Shadows Behind the RainbowShadows Behind the Rainbow by Otis Randolf

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 6 days before giving up

Blurb From Goodreads

On a quest for self-acceptance, one man will journey over the rainbow to discover a toxic mix of obsession and murder. Denard Lewis clings to alcohol and his professional reputation as a shrewd PR sports agent in an effort to ignore the truth about his sexuality. Denard’s plight, however, is magnified when he becomes entangled in a dysfunctional triangle with his high-profile basketball client who is determined to have him, and another man suspected in a double homicide. Finding inner peace may be a matter of life and death.

My Review

Sadly this is another one I have had to call it quits with. It starts with a sexual encounter (quite descriptive) with a husband and wife who are separated. Then it jumps to two males who are having relations (again quite descriptive) before they have a fight and then onto another character. I got lost in amongst the different characters and story lines but stuck with it and they did start to link in with each other.

The lingo the characters used kept switching for example "you mind if I join you? A Brotha is stravin' like marvin" then they would speak using proper English only to switch to wassssup or brotha. I found this really distracting and it took me ages to get through a page when normally I would whizz through it.

I kept going because once you pull away all the sex, and bed hopping there does seem to be a deep journey Denard is on but when I got to page 103 I had to give up. There had been abuse in the book of a male prostitute which I eventually got through but here was two Reverands, one giving the other a boy to "help with his grief". I just can't read anymore it is so brutal with most of the sex side which is a huge part of the book. I know this book has fans as it has 5 and 4 star ratings but it just isn't for me. I hate giving up on books and have never gave up on a review request from an author or publisher before but I just can't read anymore. 1/5 because I had to give up after struggling through and being unable to finish it.

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  1. Life's too short, I think you gave it enough of a chance.

  2. Hi Lainy:

    Thank you for the opportunity and your attempt to read my novel. I appreciate the time you invested to get as far into the book as you did. I do admit "Shadows" is not a light or easy read and I struggled with completing this ambitious project. The only thing that kept me going was the research and the fact I gave a voice to those victims who are too scared or ashamed to speak their reality. Thank you again for giving me a chance and your honest feedback.



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