Sunday 22 January 2012

Fab new design logo

My friends wonderful hubby redesigned my avatar/website logo, isn't he just fabulous. There are two versions

the first

And this is the second

I will be using the first as that was the first created but would like to know what design you guys prefer?


  1. I think both are really distinctive - but my favourite is the one without the comma - I like the stars after the word books..your hubby is very clever !

    1. Thanks hon, this was Debbies hubbys work though not mine x

  2. Looks good :D I think I will take that button at once for my weekly blog spotlight :)

  3. I like the top half of the bottom one and the bottom half of the top one, combined.


  4. Very cool that hubby designed those. I like the bottom one best, but they are both nice.

  5. Bottom one without the comma, Lainy.... but obviously they are both "just right" for you!!

  6. Well done, Mr Deborah! I prefer the bottom one, Lainy. Tx

  7. After listening to opinions on here, emails and Risi I am going with the second one with the most stars. Thanks everyone x


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