Sunday 26 June 2011

Review - My Lord Stranger by Eve Byron

For a book that I didn't expect much from I was pleasantly suprised. Drew and Harriet have been friends since they were children. Drew always felt something was missing and finding out the story about his true background drives him to the truth at all expense.

Harriet loves Drew and wants nothing more than to be with him and is delighted when their parents agree and write up a contract to marry them, ensuring Drew has financial security and Harriet isn't used and falling into just someones wife.

All would be well and good except Drew HAS to find his roots and Harriet agrees to wait for him however long it takes as long as he marries her. Little knowing he means to set off that very day to find himself and his own fortune.

12 years pass and finally Drew comes home, both have changed and so much has happened can there be any future for them? Will their marriage be able to go on?

This is such an easy read and it goes from present to past and back again but it is done so well it is easy to follow. I really enjoyed this book and would definately read more by this author 4/5 for me.

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