Monday 20 June 2011

Review - Boob Tube by Mark Coker

Ebook synopsis

Actress Gina Martin lands a role on a top daytime television soap opera, and days later her predecessor is found dead in the Hollywood hills. Will Gina be next? Boob Tube offers readers a fast-paced read filled with intrigue and humor, and a surprise ending that will leave you breathless. Co-written by Lesleyann Coker, a former reporter for Soap Opera Weekly Magazine.

My review

Trashy, sex and drugs. If you like Jackie Collins you will love this as it is a similar type of writing. It takes place with Gina Martin getting her big break on a top rated well loved programme that has been going strong for decades. Gina dives into a world of fame and all that comes with it, manic fans, love interests and a career usually maintained by stabbing people in the back. Her manager Simon is advising her on how to stay on top as he has her best interests at heart but what of his reputation. Gina goes on a rollercoaster ride which could cost her her career or something much more valuable.

I couldn't put this down, total junk food for the brain but a page turner none the less. I loved it and would derfinately read more with this author 5/5 for me.

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