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When asking for a review please take note I will give an honest review (this means I will rate it 1 to 5 stars, or anything in between. This reflects my views and opinions on your writing and story. I have many visitors to my blog that buy books after reading my reviews so I am always truthful in what I write, one should never lie. Please consider this when submitting a book for reviewing. I reserve the right to refuse a review for any reason but will always try to provide feedback, please note with so many emails coming in I cannot always reply, the alwaysreadingsmbslt email IS NOT MONITORED, please contact via our social media channels. I have a back log of reviews as I receive so many therefore I cannot commit to a timeline, I am not currently accepting ebooks at the moment.

*****NOTE - I do NOT charge for reviews nor do any of the trusted bloggers from Book Connectors. Do NOT be duped into paying for reviews, there are many amazing bloggers (not blaggers) who review for the love of books*****

My Reviews are not literary masterpieces, I write my honest thoughts on how I felt about a book. I use words like wee and aw or phrases like Oh My God, no way and a few others that won't be found in high brow reviews. People seem to respond to this, normally my reviews are fairly short and just my thoughts although sometimes I go off on one or ramble. I have been very lucky to have a following, people enjoy reading my thoughts and personalised style of writing. Publishers and authors send me books for reviews, all reviews are honest as they should be, regardless of the source or format. I am inundated with review books at present, tree books will always take priority and I have a backlog of both print and ebooks as well as family/work commitements. As a result I am not accepting ebooks, I just cannot give guaranteed time or dates for reviews for the books I already have. I appreciate this can be frustrating especially if you submitted a book "yonks" ago, I do read loads though and you can keep up to date with what I am reading on my Goodreads, Instagram or Twitter.

Places you will find my reviews are - here of course, Amazon, Goodreads and any other book sites I find along the way. If your book is not already on Goodreads I will automatically add it for you, this saves you a bit of time and helps keep an accurate track of my reading challenges too.

If you would like to do an author chat/interview/book giveaway (which is a great way to promote your work and profile) please contact me on the preferred method below. As you can see I now have a giveaway tab so I can easily add your giveaway there and or on the end of your interview if you choose to do one. I generally do not take part in blog tours for books I have not read.

Please feel free to contact me via twitter @smbslt or Facebook Or if you prefer, you can email me at (please not this email gets hundreds of emails daily, I cannot keep up with the volume, feel free to gab on Twitter)


  1. Good luck in your studies Lainy. A good, honest review policy that says it all :)

  2. Hello! My name is Paul, an author of Literary Fiction and YA fantasy. Love the blog, keep it up!

  3. Hello -
    My name is Connie, a newly self-published author of a romance called Second Chances. I enjoy reading your reviews!

  4. Dear Lainy
    Tried sending this through your email link, but wouldn't connect up.
    I've just been reading this blog and wondered if you would be interested in reviewing my historical novel, The Assiduous Quest of Tobias Hopkins: (amazon.:
    I can send a pdf review copy if you wish.
    kind regards

    1. Historical isn't one of my first choices James however I will have a wee look. Thanks for getting in touch and notifying me of the email problem, have removed the broken link and will address it, :)

  5. Hello Lainy, from your blog I am tempted to conclude you prefer thrillers but in case I am wrong I would like to offer you the choice of one or all of my books. Currently my publisher is in design with the last in a trilogy-due anytime- most are here
    You choose one or more and let me know your format of choice and I will oblige. I love avid readers it's what makes us write,
    Jack Everett

    1. Crime and horror and my favs Jack but I will give almost anything a try. Will have a wee look and get back to you, thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hey there Lainy!

    Stopping by to say hi and that I appreciate your love of zombies =) I would love to talk with you sometime about reviewing a book of mine that is coming out soon. I would love to send you an eARC if you are interested. If there's an email I can send more information to, that would be absolutely lovely!

    All the best,
    Abby Rosmarin

  7. Hi Lainy

    I've just sent you an email about about reviewing my book. I think you'll enjoy the setting - Belfast!

    Commiserations about the Rugby yesterday. Scotland was my second choice after Ireland (or course!) though I'd have been happy to see either go through.

    Best wishes

    Byddi Lee

  8. Hi, Lainy

    I will be sending you an email pertaining to a review request.

    Eva Pasco

  9. OMG! Haha. I really like the way your site is set up. I read somewhere online earlier this week that people who use the word "awesome" are somehow lacking in intellect. It made me feel bad because, like you, when I describe something as awesome, it's an honest compliment. "Hey, that's an awesome....." -- car, sweater, bicycle, dog, whatever. I hope you'll continue to review books in such a straightforward manner. David Liscio, author of the serial-killer thriller Deadly Fare

  10. Hello Lainy,
    Just stopping by to introduce myself. My name is Jay. I'm a first time author trying to switch from writing a book to getting people to read it. :-) I appreciate your write up and will respectively check back at a later time. Until then, Hi! :-) Happy reading.

  11. Hello,
    If any time in the future you are free, I would be honored if you reviewed Partially Broken Never Destroyed. It's a four book suspensful series about romance, betrayal, sex, lies, and everything in between. Thank you

  12. Clear, concise instructions. Thank you.

  13. I enjoy your reviews and would like your opinion on a rather unique murder/suspense novel, Drunken Angel, offered for free download on Amazon this week. Charles Stoll, author of Sorry and Morticum, The Time Thief, and Enigma, is offering his latest novel, Drunken Angel, for free on Amazon from Mon., 5/28/18-Fri., 6/01/18.

    I would like your followers to meet Daisy Perlman, the uneducated, unloved daughter of a whore. Lacking any comfort or trust in her life, she develops a philosophy of life from her walks through the woods.


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