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The Sixpenny Orphan by Glenda Young

The Sixpenny OrphanThe Sixpenny Orphan by Glenda Young
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 2 days

Pages - 322

Publisher - Headline

Source - Bought

Blurb from Goodreads

'Please, sir, take us both. We only have each other. We don't know how to live apart.'

After the death of their parents, sisters Poppy and Rose are taken in by widow Nellie Harper. But whilst they have a roof over their heads, the young orphans are unloved, unwanted, and always hungry, with only one pair of boots between them. Keen to make money, Nellie hatches a plan to sell the girls to the mysterious Mr Scurrfield. But when the day comes for them to leave, Scurrfield reveals he will take only one of the sisters - and he will decide which it will be on the turn of a sixpence.

Ten years later, Poppy is married with three children. Not a day goes by when she doesn't think about Rose, but after many years of searching, Poppy has accepted that her sister is lost to her. That is until a letter suddenly arrives, revealing Rose's fate and breaking Poppy's heart. Determined to be reunited with her beloved sister, Poppy sets out to bring Rose home.

Mt Review

Two poor little girls being "looked after" by a widow, Nellie, who has little interest in them, the weans are barely cared for. When Nellie has the bright idea to make money and be rid of them both she feels she is coming into money and can say goodbye to her pitiful existence. However when the buyer takes only one of the girls, Poppy is heartbroken and will never forget her sister. Ten years pass and finally Poppy has the chance to try and get her sister back however Poppy is poor and struggling to make ends meet and Rose is very different to the little girl Poppy last seen ten years ago.

Ooft family drama/saga guys, classism, set in a time where people could sell off children to the wealthy and not an eyelid batted, ooft. The book is split really in two, the past when the girls are wee and just trying to get by day by day, starving, sharing a pair of boots and then ten years on and divided by class, money and unknown danger.

As well as issues surrounding the time period, poverty, classism we also examine the affects of family being torn apart, experiences and how that shapes character and interaction(s). Wee bit emotive in places, rage inducing and all the things we have come to expect from Young, we do like her books and perfect for stepping out of your own life into others, if only for a short time. 4/5 from us, we have a few of hers on the tbrm and look forward to reading them.

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