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Unbelievable Crimes Volume One: Macabre Yet Unknown True Crime Stories by Daniela Airlie

Unbelievable Crimes Volume One: Macabre Yet Unknown True Crime StoriesUnbelievable Crimes Volume One: Macabre Yet Unknown True Crime Stories by Daniela Airlie
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Blurb from Goodreads

Step into some of the most heinous (yet relatively unknown) crimes ever committed and delve into twelve twisted tales of murder in Unbelievable Crimes.

From the deplorable abduction and imprisonment of young women by James Jamelske, who kept his victims in his basement, to the tale of charismatic charmer Charles Schmid who boasted about his savage murders, each story in this anthology dives into pure evil.

In one case, I’ll take you back to 1993, to the city of Houston, where two teenage girls, Jennifer Ertman, and Elizabeth Peña, were brutally raped and murdered. This crime can only be described as barbaric and senseless, especially when you factor in the young ages of the killers.

I’ll delve into the bizarre and twisted story of Carl Tanzler, a man who becomes fixated on a beautiful young woman. After her untimely death, he kept her as a mummified corpse in his home for years, with a genuinely inexplicable outcome.

You’ll also be introduced to the gruesome story of Omaima Nelson, an Egyptian-American woman who killed her husband before cooking and eating parts of his body.

While most people know about the incomprehensible acts of Ted Bundy or the wicked crimes of the “killer clown” John Wayne Gacy, there’s an underbelly of true crime that has been left untouched over the years. These crimes had a fleeting news story or a 30-second snippet on a local news station and have since been long forgotten. I believe we should remember these crimes to ensure the victims - and their ordeals - don’t get wiped from true crime history.

Discover the dark side of humanity as I delve into some of the most shocking and twisted little-known true crime stories in Unbelievable Crimes Volume One. To most, the senseless acts of violence and pure evil depicted in these cases are simply unimaginable. But, they’re all somebody’s reality.

Please note, as with all true crime content, this book contains details that cover real-life murders and violence.

My review

So whilst these as put as "yet unknown "true crime stories I would say lesser known, not the same ring to it I know. I know a few of them recently from true crime on Tiktok but they are lesser known for sure.

If you like stories that don't go around the houses before getting to the story then these will be right up your street. They are each only below or just over ten pages each.

Not for the faint hearted, some of these are truly horrific/evil/unnerving, the depravity and depths some of these killers go to, usually for their own personal sick kicks.

Some of the stories go beyond just taking someone's lives and the suffering and deviancy of some of these perps is jaw dropping. I have read and watched a ton of true crime and you don't think people can get worse but sure enough there is always another, 4/5 from us.

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