Saturday 23 September 2023

Bad Apples by Will Dean

Bad Apples (Tuva Moodyson Mystery, #4)Bad Apples by Will Dean
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Publisher - Point Blank

Source - Netgalley

Blurb from Goodreads

It only takes one...

A murder

A resident of small-town Visberg is found decapitated

A festival

A cultish hilltop community ‘celebrates’ Pan Night after the apple harvest

A race against time

As Visberg closes ranks to keep its deadly secrets, there could not be a worse time for Tuva Moodyson to arrive as deputy editor of the local newspaper. Powerful forces are at play and no one dares speak out. But Tuva senses the story of her career, unaware that perhaps she is the story…

My Review

If you haven't read the previous books, I would. There is a lot of history and backstory on some of the characters so I think to get this one properly I would read the previous books. Tuva has landed the job of deputy editor for the local newspaper. As usual Tuva is an outsider even though we come across people who she has known in previous books/adventures. A resident is murdered, decapitated and a festival that isn't spoken of aloud is coming, Tuva isn't prepared for the dangers ahead nor the debauchery but she needs to investigate the story and get the residents to open up.

So if you don't know Tuva she is feisty, quite fearless, is hearing impaired and a new relationship with Noora. whilst this isn't a firm favourite for me there is no denying Dean writes and creates fantastic tension, fear, creepy, eerie atmospheres and scenes.

It is a busy book, lots going on, not for the faint hearted nor easily offended. The book has quite a few dark scenes and I think anyone would be hard pressed to guess where the stories are going. Kept on your toes and tense breath holding (at points) and you should have the next book on stand by at the ready, 3.5/5 for me.

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