Tuesday 11 April 2023

Just Got Real by Jane Fallon

Just Got RealJust Got Real by Jane Fallon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - < 1 day

Pages - 400

Publisher - Michael Joseph

Source - Competition win (with a bottle of pina colada)

Blurb from Goodreads

Joni never thought she would try online dating but somehow - with the encouragement of her grown up daughter, Danielle - she's signed onto an app. After a few weeks of chatting to Ant, they really hit it off and agree to meet up. However Joni has been so nervous about the whole prospect of dating again that she's been using fake photos on the site.

She turns up to their date and sees Ant, but can't bring herself to come clean.

The problem now is that she can't stop thinking about him. They'd been getting on so well. And so she works out a way to 'meet' him without revealing herself as the person he's been talking to online.

But a few months in, she discovers not only is he still on the dating site but he's really active on it, too. She's hurt, and looks at his phone while he's in the shower one morning only to find intimate texts between him and two other women, Saff and Mary. At the same time, she is beginning to realise that the only thing Ant seems to have been honest about is his profile picture.

After a couple of drinks one night, Joni decides to call the two women. Their experiences sound identical to hers. And they're angry.

But how can they get their revenge? What can hurt a person who doesn't appear to be emotionally involved with any of them? What is it he's really looking for, and how can they catch him out?

My Review

Joni signs up to a dating site after much encouragement (and railroading) by her daughter and she meets Ant, he is good looking and seems to be the real deal. Problem is Joni used fake photos and when she turns up to finally meet Ant and sees he is the real deal she bows out. Despite this she can't let what they had go so after orchestrating a meet they hit it off and are dating, everything is great. That is until she finds out Ant may look the real deal but he isn't the devoted boyfriend he seems, dude has other women on the go, the shade! The ladies get together to work out what to do but they have their work cut out and does Ant have more secrets than they know?

I have only read a few Fallon books but I plan to rectify that, the ones I have read I have sank in one sitting. She creates captivating characters, some shady, some flawed and scenarios and dramas we can all either empathise with or see happening to us or one of our own.

Characters are real, situations and shenanigans are easy to envision and before you know it your day has gone and you want to see what is coming next.

For me this was a bit echoy of the Tinder Swindler - he looked exactly like what he was presenting on the app but much more and shady going on. A good read, perfect for escapism, poolside reading or just stepping out of your own life to watch someone else's dramas for a bit, 4.5/5 for me!

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