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Looker by Laura Sims

LookerLooker by Laura Sims
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 1 day

Pages - 182

Publisher - Scribner

Source - Review copy

Blurb from Goodreads

In this taut and thrilling debut, an unraveling woman, unhappily childless and recently separated, becomes fixated on her neighbor—the actress. The unnamed narrator can’t help noticing with wry irony that, though she and the actress live just a few doors apart, a chasm of professional success and personal fulfillment lies between them. The actress, a celebrity with her face on the side of every bus, shares a gleaming brownstone with her handsome husband and their three adorable children, while the narrator, working in a dead-end job, lives in a run-down, three-story walk-up with her ex-husband’s cat.

When an interaction with the actress at the annual block party takes a disastrous turn, what began as an innocent preoccupation spirals quickly, and lethally, into a frightening and irretrievable madness. Searing and darkly witty, Looker is enormously entertaining—at once a propulsive Hitchcockian thriller and a fearlessly original portrait of the perils of envy.

My Review

A shocking insider look at a spiral of mental health and obsession. The protagonist is obsessed with her famous neighbour, from stalking her in real life and online. We get to know her (unnamed protagonist) as she goes about her daily encounters. She has a job, a professor, she is in the midst of a break up, failed IVF attempts and unable to get pregnant are only some of the reasons her o/h has left her.

Despite being a small book it packs a huge emotive punch, she is an unlikeable character and at points I felt sorry for her, others I cringed and another I wanted to slap her. As her obsession spirals so does her personal life and with chaos comes more chaos.

Voyeuristic, shocking, self destructive, disturbing, a psychological thriller with a pace that is hard to label. A descent into madness, we start off in a bad place and it just goes from there, interesting because we go through it with the main character, her view point and how everything is fine despite some very horrific and destructive behaviour until it all comes to a head. I would have loved this book to be longer, I certainly would have appreciated more about what happened next, maybe the author is considering revisiting this character. 3/5 for me, there is a thing in regards to an animal which I just can't, I struggle with anything like that. Otherwise I would recommend and interested to hear what others make of this.

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  1. A very topical storyline right now in UK with lots of media coverage of case involving a broadcaster who is being stalked

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