Thursday 13 July 2017

Author Interview with Taryn Leigh and a wee comp

Thanks so much to Taryn for taking time out to come and chat about her fabulous debut novel, Perfect Imperfections. You can read my review here.

Tell us about Perfect Imperfections.

Perfect Imperfections is the story, I as a book lover, would love to sit and read. It’s a story of a woman, Sarah, who tries to escape the pain in her past by running away to a new place with new possibilities. We go on an adventure with Sarah from London to South Africa, as she rediscovers herself, heals from her pain and meets the most amazing people along the way. We laugh with her, we cry with her and we get to know the mystery that caused her to flee. It’s a story of a lifelong friendship between her and Katy. It’s a story of love lost and new love possibilities found, and it’s a story of how us woman have the strength inside of us to rise above what life throws our way, to become the best in our careers, the best in our friendships, and the best in our relationships. What makes Perfect Imperfections so special to me, is that the story keeps hinting at something, while dropping clues along the way, allowing the reader to piece the puzzle together.

What made you choose the two locations, London and primarily South Africa?

South Africa is my home, and I’m from the city Durban that most of the book is set in. I wanted to share this beautiful land with everyone. We have so many breath-taking places here, and the people and culture are so warm and inviting. It gets into your bones, all who visit bear witness to that. London is my dream location. From a little girl I dreamt of going there, not just the city but the country side. In fact my husband and my dream vacation is to go to London, Switzerland and Scotland. So what better way to feel like I’m already there, than to write about it!

The story focuses on many aspects of normal life, what made you chose them and particularly the self healing side?

When I wrote the book I was going through my own self-healing, and someone encouraged me to write to escape my own life. So I did, and Perfect Imperfections was born. I also wanted the characters to be relatable and feel real to whoever read them. I added in everyday things like the secret hot chocolate recipe between Edward and Sarah or the raw and real emotions, so that the reader could visualise it and identify easily.

Are the characters or situations based on real life?

Yes they are in so many ways. There are elements of different characters that are from the people I know closest to me. The close bond of friendship is based on my own friendships, and Edwards’ character is loosely based on my husband who loved me when I should have been unlovable. The places and locations are all real places I’ve been to in South Africa, and Sarah’s career is based on my four years studying Interior Design.

Who is your favourite character and why, without spoilers if you can?

I love things from so many of them. I love Katy’s friendship, and Sarah’s bravery. I love Kevin’s loyalty and Edwards’ sincerity and ability to surprise, and I love Joseph’s story! Oh how I love his story.

Who are you reading just now?

I am just starting to read The Rome Affair by Karen Swan. I’ve been waiting a long time for its release.

What is your favourite read?

I love books similar to the one I wrote. Where the characters have depth. Where you get to know them and live with them, and where you are transported into another world!

What authors inspire you?

I’m a huge fan of Karen Swan, Sidney Sheldon, Enid Blyton and Emily Bronte

What is next for Taryn Leigh?

I would love to continue to write. Currently I’m working on my second novel. The story is different, and set in new places that you will love.

Where can fans find you?

I am all over social media, and I love to interact with all my readers
Twitter: @tarynleighbook
Instagram: @tarynleighbooks

Anything else I missed? I write with a hope, that even though the story might be fiction, but the reader must walk away from it being impacted by something they have read in a way they will never forget. My mom named me Taryn Leigh because she read a book while pregnant with me, and loved the character so much that I’m named after her. Thirty Three years later, her daughter is now the Author of her own books. Those are the books I want to write.

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  1. Wonderful interview! I enjoyed the terrific questions and thoughtful answers a lot.

  2. Deadly Lies by Chris Patchell

  3. Great interview.

    It is so interesting how so many writers base characters and situations that they write about on real life. The creative process is intriguing.

  4. What an interesting variety of authors this authorrr loves! Thanks for sharing this interview.

  5. Great interview. I'm curious about this book, especially since it's set in London and South Africa.


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