Friday 9 June 2017

Honey I'm home

If you follow the blog on Fb, Instagram and or Twitter you will know we have been away on vacation, we took a trip across some of America, I love America! We started heading to Manchester by train, then flew to San Francisco, drove to Santa Barbara & then drove to our last destination Las Vegas.

We visited Alcatraz and despite not having my camera, I managed to get some great photos. I spotted the bookstore before the boat even docked, I bought two wee thin booklets with some of the prisons history.

There was so many birds and wildlife on Alcatraz, I got a wee video of these beauties, posted to Instagram @always_reading

We stayed in a great hotel in San Francisco, it had sea life style throughout all the floors and I am a sucker for themes. IT was also right next to the beach front and they gave us a wee anniversary card, gotta love the little touches.

This was right next to reception on the wall, they had a huge bird made from metal nuts and bolts and chairs from large signs, I took over 900 photos in total and can't post them all here.

As we drove across two locations we saw some stunning scenery, I honestly love America, from the sights to the food! I also bought some books along the way, surprise surprise.

Every where else had been my first visits, Las Vegas was either 5th or 6th time, I do love it. From the shows, to the super friendly people, the food & drink and just all the shops & bright lights I love love love it. I also got a new bookmark hurrah, between books and bookmarks you really cannot have too many. I will say, the huge change in cost since we first went is huge, you used to get so much and realtively cheap. Now a lot of the things are cheaper to buy at home and take over.

We generally stay at what I call the top end of the strip and take a walk down, o/h was unwell so between pushing him in a chair & the heat we didn't make it far the first few days.

The city that never actually sleeps!

The laugh factor has different locations, if you like comedy and haven't been you should check them out. We saw the Whose Line Is It Anyway folk live, one of my fav shows to date. We also went to Michael Jackson One, Fantasy and down to the old strip where they have zip slides and free concerts on the street.

And after three weeks with no camera, no laptop, no email access, very limited internet I am home, jetlagged, tons of post to sort, parcels to send out (I haven't forgotten) and reviews to catch up on. But first, Princess demands attention! I hope everyone is well and I will be stopping by and catching up properly in the next few days.


  1. Welcome Home!

    It looks as if you had a great trip.

    Sometimes it is nice to get away from electronic devices too.

    1. Thank you love, it was eventful with some health issues with o/h but otherwise grand. Yeah it is but coming home to over 2000 emails, not so much lol xxx

  2. Glad you enjoyed your trip, hope hubs is feeling himself again, and Oh! I am in love with that little Princess, Lainy! xx

    1. Thank you Susan, he had to head up to hospital yesterday but apart from jet lag we are both a bit more spritely :D xxx

  3. Wonderful photo post! I'm glad that you had such an amazing trip.

  4. Welcome back, looks like a superb adventure!!

  5. I was following your adventures on FB Lainy, it looked a great trip, good to see you back x


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