Sunday 26 March 2017

Turning Into Your Mother by Ada Adverse

The Mills & Boon Modern Girl's Guide to Turning into Your Mother: The Perfect Mother's Day gift for mums who have it all (Mills & Boon A-Zs, Book 5)The Mills & Boon Modern Girl's Guide to Turning into Your Mother: The Perfect Mother's Day gift for mums who have it all by Ada Adverse
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - < than 20 minutes

Pages - 96

Publisher - Mills and Boons

Blurb from Goodreads

’Perfect for the gin lover in your life.’ – Sun

Have you ever…?

A) Opened your mouth and heard your mother come out?

B) Wondered whether a bunch of flowers and breakfast in bed once a year really makes up for the 37 hours your mum spent in St Agnes’ Maternity Ward?

C) Voiced a heartfelt opinion on the weather?

If so, the Mills & Boon Modern Girl’s Guide to Turning Into Your Mother is for you: a guide to the joys of motherhood – with a feminist twist.

My Review

Uck this wee book is a breath of fresh air! An A to Z with "advice" and snippets of motherhood, expectations and reality with a zesty comical take. Accompanied with pictures this Modern Girl's Guide could actually be named To Motherhood than Turning into your mother. Whilst pitched as the perfect mother's day gift, I think this is the perfect gift for any female. I am not a mother & won't be celebrating Mother's day but I think all females would enjoy this book and identify or relate to some of it.

With Mother's day looming it can be a beautiful day of celebration or a day that evokes sadness, emotional turmoil and one that is hard to face. This wee book is a ray of sunshine, I found myself laughing out loud at many of the pages and certainly smiling at them all. Some of the snippets conjured up vivid memories of my own mother and her take on one or two things within the book.

At a tiny 90 odd pages, I flew through this book in between spray painting some furniture, I picked it up for a quick nosey and ended up devouring it page to page. Stopping only once to text a family member and laugh over one of the quotes/advice. Amazing what one woman's quick wit has captured on a page and strikes up a personal memory and laugh. Genuine laughter and being caught off guard with memories, for me is priceless, I love this wee book. There are others in the #ModernGirlsGuides and I will track them down. I would love to see an actual novel from Adverse, she has an easy flow of writing and quick wit even in a few sentences, I think letting her loose on a few hundred pages worth would be priceless, I would buy it! 5/5 for me, whilst it is a tiny quick read it certainly holds its weight against some of the thick novels that are out just now on similar subjects. Thanks to much to Mills and Boon for introducing me to a new author and a series I will track down. For me, this book is a keeper, I have already ordered a copy for me friend and I don't think it is the only one I will be buying, a wee gem of a book!

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  1. This wee book sounds very wonderful. Terrific review, Lainy!

  2. Sounds like a fun book and not one to start in the middle of a project. :D

  3. My first time reading your blog and I'm very taken with it. I'll be back!
    Bonnie Hoover Braendlin


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