Tuesday 8 March 2016

Hola - I am home

Hell lovely people. Apologies for lack of updates/reviews. We were on holiday to Tenerife and the wifi wasn't great.

The weather was lovely, I took more than a few books, below is just some of the ones I took :D

We picked up a few from the lovely we shop upstairs, they had a swap shelf so I got a few from there and left lots of mine. As a result I now have lots to of reviews to catch up on. I also have over 1000 emails to get through, if you have contacted via any of my email accounts I will reply, it just might take a while.

Last night I made the mistake or re starting the first Harry Potter, I have a ton of review books to still get through, two cases full of washing not to mention work stuff and house work. We also got Princess Trixie back today, looking a tad orange around the paws, she is spending the day singing me the song of her people!

Hope you are all well, the winner for February comp has been announced and contacted. I will try and get the March comp up as soon as I can.


  1. Welcome back, Lainy! Thanks for sharing the terrific pics! It can be difficult to get much done when we are distracted by books. :)

  2. Welcome back.

    I hope that you had a great trip. As much as I like to read I tend to get little reading done on vacation.

    Princess Trixie rocks!


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