Sunday 16 August 2015

Evidence of Murder: A Twisted Killers Trail of Violence by Samuel Roen

Evidence Of Murder: A Twisted Killer's Trail of ViolenceEvidence Of Murder: A Twisted Killer's Trail of Violence by Samuel Roen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Time taken to read - 10 days

Publisher - Pinnacle

Pages - 320

Blurb from Goodreads

This horrifying true crime tale chronicles the events leading up to the arrest of career criminal John Huggins for the brutal murder of Carla Ann Larson in Orlando, Florida in 1997: After the crime was featured on America's Most Wanted, a tip led to Huggins's estranged wife, Angel. What Angel had to say led to her husband's arrest.

My Review

Carla Ann Larson went missing when she left work to pick up some food at lunch, her naked body is found and the investigation really gets underway. Once going cold, the police get new leads and arrest their man. The book follows the before, during and after investigation and then the trial of John Huggins, the man believed to be responsible for the brutal killing of Carla Ann. The book has crime scene photographs, photos of the investigating officers and persons relating to the case. Huggins maintains his innocence, the evidence is overwhelming, read it and see which side you stand on.

I can't say I liked the way this book was written if I am honest, some of the way it was told was bulky, matter of fact and even cold in parts. One of the crime scene photographs actually shows one of the limbs of Carla Ann sticking out from the area her body was dumped. You do often get things like this in true crime books, however I feel it only fair to warn the potential readers it is there.

You feel for the family and the senseless brutality Carla Ann must have endured, it is a hard read in some places due to the descriptive scenes relived in the telling of Carla Anns case and the other mentioned in this book. If you like to read about murder investigations with descriptive chat from the officers and others involved in the case, you may well like this book, 3/5 for me this time. I hadn't heard of this horrible crime before or the other one mentioned, it's also different to read the crime investigation from the points and conversations of those involved, officers, civilians and the accused.

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  1. These crimes are so disturbing. About 15 years ago I thought about trying to read some true crime books. However I concluded that I would rather not dwell on the details of these stories.


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