Sunday 8 September 2013

Author book launch - The Cry by Helen Fitzgerald

So a friend from my book group noticed that Helen Fitzgerald was going to be at Waterstones to launch her new book The Cry. I had never heard of this author so went off to have a nose, got her first book Dead Beautiful to see what her writing was like. You can read my review of this title by using the search box on the left hand side, I did try and link it in this post but the blog is having none of it today, apologies.
The tickets were free and it is always nice to go to an author event. This was one of the best events I have been to and I have seen a fair few author book events, both in the Waterstones in Glasgow and a few held in Sloan's pub. Normally you can get a ticket for free or sometimes you have to pay, it varies with each one. At Sloan's there is a bar where you can purchase your own drink, the previous Waterstone launches have been later so their wee cafe is closed and you can't get a refreshment. Me and my friends where the first to arrive as everything got set up. One of my friends, Kat, had been to a few of these but for Emma it was her first time.

Well Helen went over and above what any of the other authors did. There was glasses with water, fresh orange and wine available, complimentary as well as home made cakes and sweet pastries, homemade by her sister Rea. She had brought her family with her and they all put some plates and food on the tables and along with the staff ensured everyone had a drink. I believe there was other writers there that night also as I recognized some faces but couldn't put a name to anyone.

Helen gave the audience some background, read a little from the start of her book and then some from later on in the book, then took some questions from the audience. After the event had finished she announced she was going for a few drinks, said where and invited everyone to come along if they wished, how nice was that!

Back to the book, the story is very different from the one I read, this one concerns a family traveling on a long haul flight and they accidentally overdose their baby. The story follows on from what happens from there, I haven't read it but after the wonderful evening at Waterstones and hearing the excerpts from the book I have ordered it. I also bought some of her earlier work too, this is the power authors can have when they interact with their readers. I went there as a meeting point with friends and to hear about the new book and because it was a free event. After being treated so nice, exposed to her family and listening to her talk about her work I have not only bought her new book but bought three of her previous books. My advice to authors doing any events is by showing your readers a bit of appreciation for coming to see you, taking time to make things a wee bit more personable it benefits you in the long run. Even having the offer of a glass of water I feel would go a long way and to no cost of the author, as I say Helen Fitzgerald went over and above that and I loved that her family came and had some interaction with the crowd too. I would definitely go and see this lady again and my thoughts on her works will follow as I get to them.

The Cry is available from Amazon for £5.75 and from Waterstones although I am not sure how much they are charging for a copy as I forgot to buy mine on the night. The book is available to buy now. You can follow Helen Fitgerald on Twitter @FitzHelen she is also on Facebook and has a blog available online.


  1. As an author, I found your account very interesting. Well done, Helen, her approach to her reading public was just right.

  2. This sounds like a great event and the author sounds very personable. You are right, if the author is personable and takes the time to show appreciation, it does make all the difference.
    Enjoy the books you purchased. The Cry sounds really good.

  3. It sounds as though you had a great time. What a lovely lady! The cry sounds amazing.

  4. This does indeed sound like it was a great event, I'm amazed it was free as tickets to these author events/book launches can be very expensive.

    I had no idea you lived in/near to Glasgow. Nice to know of another blogger living relatively close by, if ever I visit the city I'll be sure to let you know.


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