Wednesday 5 December 2012

Review - Please Let It Stop by Jacqueline Gold

Please Let It Stop: The True Story of My Abused ChildhoodPlease Let It Stop: The True Story of My Abused Childhood by Jacqueline Gold
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Blurb From Goodreads

Please Let It Stop is a gripping and ultimately inspiring memoir of suffering and determination, of obstacles and inner battles. Jacqueline Gold was abused by her stepfather for many years, but one day she summoned the courage to ask him to stop. Jacqueline went on to become chief executive of British sex shop chain Ann Summers, but the journey was far from easy. In this, her no-holds-barred autobiography, Jacqueline describes her abused childhood, her tumultuous struggles to find love and conquer depression, and the heartbreak of undergoing IVF. Told with remarkable honesty, her story is a testament to one woman’s ability to overcome the darkest of times.

My Review

Going by the title and front cover you would assume this book is going to be focused mostly or wholly on abuse. This is not the case, Jacqueline Gold does indeed discuss her abuse that happened to her at the hands of her stepfather but it isn't one of these books that give you gory details or focus huge parts of the writing on the negative, the opposite actually.

The book is an autobiography, it takes us on the journey of Jacqueline's life, from early beginnings to how she became a wealthy and powerful business woman in the company most, if not all, of us have heard of. The book gives you an insight into the respectable business Ann Summers actually is and how it came to be so successful as well as the obstacles and prejudices people have against it. All of which I found fascinating however it was the strength of character she shows, all of the knocks she has taken and yet she refuses to become a victim and seems to pick herself up every time she is knocked down.

I also found it shocking how people have behaved and treated Gold purely because of who she is and her wealth. It is a sad day to learn so many scammers are out there, not to mention unprofessional people who clearly have no work ethics. This book is very positive and I feel a lot of people could take something from it and feel empowered. There are so many issues addressed in this book that everyone can relate to. Whilst it is how the author dealt with each of these issues and not a self help for other people, I still think the reader can take something from this book. 4/5 for me, very well written and I thought it was a great read.

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  1. Sounds like an inspiring read, especially if it doesn't goo too much into detail about the abuse. It's scary how cut throat and unprofessional people can be in the workplace.
    It's always inspiring to see someone overcome such atrocities in life, like child abuse, and ultimately become sucessful.

  2. This sounds like a good read. When I went back to England after being away for many years I got teased about my name because it's Ann Summerville and there were Ann Summers posters everywhere.

  3. This sounds interesting, I love reading books inspired by true to life story and this one looks good. I hope I could read it soon.

  4. A bit of a guilty pleasure for me, I really have to be in the mood to read this genre. Glad to hear this one focused on more than abuse, thanks for recommending it.


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