Tuesday 2 October 2012

Septembers Competition Winners is.....

Cathy Grouchey - The winner has been notified. Thanks so much to everyone who took part. Apologies for the delay in picking a winner but as mentioned in a previous post I am not able to get on as much as before due to new commitments but as soon as I got a chance I sorted it. I will do the same for Octobers pre-loved giveaway or competition, whichever I manage to get time for.

The winner was picked by the method I always use for competitions but it has been a while since I explained so for the new visitors here it is. I used to use a hat and write all the names in but when you get over 200 entries (that was for the Mark Billingham book), I changed it. Now I have numbers written and I use a wee box I got at Christmas from my Secret Santa on Risi. (picture added below and the lucky number this time was 12).


  1. Excellent Lainy - thank you so much for that!! Like you haven't been around again this week (family were visiting!!) - but back again now!!

  2. Hi Lainy, enjoy your week and happy reading.
    Congrats to the winner.

  3. Stopping by to say hello ...... hello.

  4. Well done to Cathy. And just saying hello here too Lainy :) x


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