Monday 21 March 2011

Susan Hill The Pure At Heart

This is my first Susan Hill book and although its second in a series it isn't always necessary to read the first to enjoy the second. If you don't mind a book that takes a while to get into the action from the blurb then you will like this. The first 80 or so pages is character building and background before the young boy disappears and the set up and characters are quite good I found.

The characters are written in a way that is it easy to connect, bond or sympathise with and I did find the writing style easy reading. However what knocked the rating down for me was a lot of unanswered questions which I have no doubt (or hope) they will come up in other books which may be the whole point of how it was written. I certainly will be tracking down the other books not only in hope of the answers but its definately an author I would read again.

Originally reviewed 5th of February 2011

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